Apple Is Developing With 100 Professionals iWatch

There’s something. On Sunday, in the weekend of Carnival here in Brazil, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, two traditional u.s. vehicles, stated that the Appleestá developing a smart watch with curved glass–called by some “iWatch”. Now, Bloomberg contends the rumor and, citing two sources “familiar with the company’s plans”, reveals that about 100 people working on the project.

The Wall Street Journal says that Apple is testing a device similar to a clock that performs some functions found in smartphones. According to an anonymous source, Apple has reportedly discussed the project with Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry (better known as Foxconn), one of the major suppliers of components of the Cupertino company.

The publication adds that the device can receive and transmit information automatically, without requiring user interaction, being “more practical that smartphones and computers in certain situations. Bruce Tognazzini, who is former Apple (!), had published his ideas last week about a possible iWatch; He believes the device could be used as a means of digital payment by NFC-the chip is on the clock, not the iPhone.

The New York Times, which published the rumor even before the Wall Street Journal says that the clock will have a curved glass screen and cites a possible supplier of technology: Corning, manufacturer of the famous Gorilla Glass, which presented last year Willow Glass, a scratch-resistant glass that is flexible and extremely thin. Two people told the newspaper that the iWatch should run iOS.

Until then, we’d have reason to believe that Apple is actually developing such iWatch. But, because it is only a project, the product could not reach never to store shelves. However, the news agency Bloomberg said today that about 100 people are working on it – that’s a lot of people to be a mere “experiment” from Apple.

There’s no way to know exactly what Apple is planning; the rumor of a smart Apple clock comes circling several months ago, but just now important vehicles began to talk about it. It is worth remembering that the LG had submitted a long time ago, in the distant year of 2009, a touchscreen watch from nonprofitdictionary that made calls (no, he did not succeed). We also have the Pebble and the Nike + FuelBand with similar concepts. We hope that Apple is not just something “more of the same”.

Apple, of course, neither confirms nor denies the rumor.