Apple Finally Presents Its Smart Watch

Apple finally introduced your so-called smart watch, that, contrary to speculation about two years ago, it’s not called iWatch, but Apple Watch. He was rated by Tim Cook as the more personal product ever created by the company, the CEO was with him on the wrist all the time.

The device has a square screen of Sapphire that is sensitive to the touch and has a small LED capable of measuring heart rate. As for the interface, Apple didn’t want to simply minimize the iPhone screen, she prepared something specific to this product.

Will be two sizes and three versions, Apple Watch (casual fashion watches), Apple Watch Sport (sport) and Apple Watch Edition (sophisticated)-made with 18 ct gold detail. Within each category there are a number of options for bracelets. With the possibility to change the home screen of the device, are, as pointed out combinations milhões by Jonny Ive, who coordinates the area of Apple’s design.

Various functions of the iPhone are accessed by the clock, which can be controlled by physical buttons, the screen, by gestures or by voice commands passed to the Siri personal assistant. And the applications are able to know the position of the user; the maps, for example, shows the way as the person walks, vibrating to tell which direction to go.

You can also send animated emoticons or drawings made on own clock for the contacts. The user receives notifications of calls and other things that way. The Apple Watch communicates with third-party apps, too, and so will be released a development kit so that other companies can create custom notifications for your products-Facebook already has.

One of the applications enables you to check in at a hotel, and allows you to unlock the door of the room for approximation. There are several options for those who exercise; the clock until warns that it’s time to get up a little, if the user spend too much time sitting.

Just to use Apple’s clock is a must have Apple’s smartphone, and not just anyone: only compatible iPhones 5, 5 c, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus. The cheaper model will cost $350 and the launch is scheduled for the beginning of 2015.