Apple Filed the EEC New IPhone, “AirPods” and Apple Watch

Each new product that is put on sale in the market must pass before by a regulatory record before (in the case of the Eurasian area) the Eurasian Economic Committee. This Monday Apple has presented new products that will sell the coming months in Europe: two new iPhone, headphones wireless called AirPods and up to a total of 10 different models of Apple Watch.

according to,The name of AirPods seems to refer to a new set of headphones instead of the EarPods, Although it can be any other product, because it is not the first time that Apple used this name for regular headphones, a long was used for some models under the brand of Beats. In this case, and with the more than possible disappearance of the connection jack on the iPhone 7, these wireless EarPods make sense.

As for other certifications in the EEC, Apple has shown two new models of smartphones under A1778 and A1784 model number. It is Apple’s own appointment, the 6s iPhone e.g. is the A1688, but so far has not been models A1778 and A1784, so presumably it’s new devices.

Finally, we see how the leaked document of EEC shows different “personal electronic devices portable” Once again following the schemes of Apple to designate products models: A1831 and A1832, A1831 A1834 A1757-on the one hand, and A1758, A1816 and A1817 on the other and A1802 A1803 elsewhere. Taking into account the first generation of Apple Watch, these models may refer to the Apple Watch Sport 2, Apple Watch 2 and Apple Watch Edition 2 respectively.

This document complies perfectly with rumors that have appeared during these last few months and especially weeks. You can take a look at everything we hope 7 iPhone and as mentioned the AirPods make more sense that ever, even being under the brand of Beats again. Finally, Apple Watch second-generation would arrive at the exact moment, thus complying with two years of renovation and implementing improvements in autonomy and GPS.

Either way, remember that on September 7 we will leave doubts with the Apple keynote. You can watch the live streaming, but you can also follow her with us because We will cover it live and in detail from San Francisco as well as with complete analysis at the end of the keynote.