Apple Bans Sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Update: Court Decision

Update from September 9: Court decision

The design of the Galaxy tab 10.1 is too much based on the iPad, says Apple and now also the Düsseldorf Regional Court. The Chamber confirmed the injunction filed by Apple. You prohibits selling the Galaxy tab 10.1 in Germany and prohibited from Samsung to offer Tablet PCs with certain characteristics (rectangular, flat, clear surface, rounded corners, curved back) throughout Europe. By the way: Galaxy 7.7 fits this description, too remote Samsung so the mini tablet from the IFA booth?

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judgment in the dispute between the companies Apple and Samsung

Fomes is provided: Samsung wants to the legally prescribed sales stop of its tablet computer Galaxy tab 10.1 does not accept. Samsung would appeal the verdict actively and promptly. Can the group before the higher regional court draw.

Apple’s reasons for the interim injunction
Apple accuses Samsung Galaxy tab to copy his iPad and violate rights. This involves design, so the design and the external design of the tablet computer, not to claims from Apple patents. Samsung take advantage of the reputation of the iPad was a very well-known product with cult status, Apple stated in the writ.

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The sales stop concerns the whole of the European Union on the Netherlands. In the Netherlands running an another procedure by Apple against Samsung. Apple had asked for a fine of 250,000 euros or an Ordnungshaft up to two years in Düsseldorf, should not be Samsung of available. The Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 should after previous plans this month in Germany on the market come

expert predicts more patent lawsuits
according to estimates of the German patent expert Florian Müller, Apple’s success should lead in future even more mobile patent litigation in Europe and particularly in Germany was carried. Already about half of all European patent litigation before the District Court of Düsseldorf instead find in professional circles as a patent holder friendly applies.

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16 tablets tablets see action was preceded by the embargo
escalated the dispute between manufacturers in April, when Apple in the United States filed a lawsuit against Samsung. The Korean company responded with a Countersuit, meanwhile they argue before different instances in several countries. In Australia, Apple had made a similar request in Germany, Samsung said an announced product idea from. affiliated

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Android, Apple-Schreck
currently the actors in the mobile telephony market change over each other with plagiarism accusations. Especially in their sights is the Google operating system Android with Samsung’s Galaxy series runs. Already in March, Apple had sued the Taiwanese manufacturers HTC, a leading provider of Android devices, with the accusation of patent infringement. Android is now the leading platform in the Smartphone market and might be time also to number 1 in the entire mobile phone business. (AP/fs)