App Annie: App Stores Implement 2016 as Much as Serbia

The analytics firm has published an analysis of last year of business of various app store app Annie.

While the worldwide Smartphone markets are stagnating and the well-known bands have their difficulties to bring their own production at the man, obviously still no limits are reached on the market for mobile business. The marketing firm has a brief analysis of the business on the app store app Annie and Google play store released in 2016. Therefore, users shop more on the Smartphone and also spend more time in the apps.

According to app Annie, the three most important parameters – use, downloads, and sales – have risen in comparison to 2015. So, Google users with your own Smartphone have spent a total of 900 billion hours, 150 billion hours more than 2015. Also the downloads could set to – 15 percent compared to the previous year. 90 billion times apps were in the iOS and download Google store. Although the trend has continued — two-thirds of them accounted for the Google play store. The iOS store has grown this year thanks to China: the country has contributed to 80 percent of the growth of iOS app downloads

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The mirror-image situation in sales has continued this year: the iOS-app sales around two-thirds identified, the Google Apps sales the rest. Total users in the two stores have spent US$ 35 billion in 2016. To put this figure in relation: medium-sized countries like Serbia produce much in the year (GDP of Serbia 2016-36.5 billion USD). Taking only the turnover in the iOS store, one would have to compare to small States such as Uganda or Trinidad and Tobago ($24 billion). According to app Annie the app store over the previous year in terms of volume has risen roughly half, the app sales in China were doing.

The marketing company indicates that the downloads and in-app purchases are not the only source of revenue. Are expected to have the third-party stores for Android and marketing budgets, around 89 billion US dollars have been implemented according to estimates by app Annie mobile. Not to be forgotten is the so-called gray market in countries such as China and Russia. The Jailbreaks were financed in recent years increasingly by Chinese companies, which can then play out their apps and ads without Apple users. How high the sales are, can only advise you to.

Olympics app Annie titled last year as “the year of the Pokémon go”. The title has taken all possible records and for the weeklong hype. App Annie estimates sales of the mobile game par with the Hollywood blockbuster “Batman vs. Superman: dawn of Justice” (USD 960 million until end of 2016).