Angry Birds Comes to 140 Million Downloads

No one can doubt today of the éxito harvested by the boys of Rovio When launched in the market of mobile applications as simple as addictive game that had as purpose destroy pigs releasing birds. Today Angry Birds is a reference, and confirm the whopping of 140 million downloads that has reached.

Part of the success has expansion that have been done from Rovio, and is that today we can play Angry Birds nearly from any platform, as the game is available in addition to for iOS and Android, Symbian, webOS, Mac OS and Windows.

In keeping with the details, the game will launch in coming weeks for Windows Phone 7, in May of this year the version available is expected. In addition, refers to that in China the franchise has already reached the third step of the podium of the popularity of games, only surpassed by Disney and Hello Kitty, and Rovio expected in the most populous country in the world to register other 100 million downloads only in the remainder of the year.

It should not be more than congratulations to the guys at Rovio job done and achieved dimensions, your success is practically unrepeatable and the impact of their angry birds has come to the end of making even a cameo in the cinema with the film River.