Android Studio 2.0 Officially Arrives in Final Version

About a month after the release of the beta version, and with the successor already in preview phase, Android Studio 2.0 finally arrives in stable and definitive version.

Google has posted a long post in her official developers blog which explains in detail the new features in this release, many of them already seen in previous preview and beta. Among the most important Please note the presence of the new Instant Run mode that allows you to run an application in development without having to wait for its compilation, thus reducing the time required to perform various tests looking for bugs and other problems.

There is also a new Android emulator, now up to 3 times faster than the previous edition regarding the performance of CPU, RAM and I/O, and the new push through ADB presenting reduced timing 10 times compared to the current ones. Android Studio 2.0 also introduces small news “minor” ones, including drag & drop the APK, the ability to resize Windows emulator and the new GPU Profiler that allows you to record and monitor, frame by frame, full OpenGL test sessions.

Particularly interesting is the new Cloud Test Lab, which provides access to a wide range of devices, through the cloud, available from Google to test their applications. We leave you to a movie, released in February, which summarizes some of what’s new in Android Studio 2.0, remembering that you can upgrade your version directly from the program itself or, if necessary, you can download it from scratch using this link to the official website.