Android inventor: New Borderless High-end Smartphone With KI

A new smartphone of the best on the market bring Andy Rubin, who wants to father of Android. It is to compete with the iPhone and Google pixel.

Android father Andy Rubin Google sold his operating system Android was still at the beginning 2005 and thereafter worked as a Manager for Android for Google. 2013, Rubin took over the Robotikabteilung by Google. 2014 then dumped Ruby Google.

First of all he cared for a company called playground global. This involves artificial intelligence, robotics and augmented reality. But then, Rubin has a company called essential products with approximately 40 employees including ex-employees of Apple and Google founded. Rubin will be the CEO of the new company, as the financial news service Bloomberg, citing well-informed circles reported.

Essential will soon introduce a high-end Smartphone. The screen should be 7 plus (5.5 inches) higher than the iPhone. Still the Smartphone should be 7 plus total less than the iPhone – because the edges are missing: it should have a frameless touch screen which is enclosed by a metal frame. The back is made of ceramic. The screen you want to can see also varying finger pressure.

The magnetic connector should be developed on the Smartphone battery is charged and also to extend the functionality of smartphones in the course of time. For this purpose should be on the connection connect additional accessories like a round to camera for high-resolution 360-degree shots.

Rubin believes according to Bloomberg, that AI/AI is the next big thing in the IT industry. Therefore the new smartphone should have also a feature in the field of AI, for example, an intelligent language assistant.

Essential it is to present not only a Smartphone, but it also further devices such as tablets, accessories and “Computer operating software for using” for end users, and also the area smart home plays an important role. Android is used, whether on the devices, is unknown. The high-end Smartphone should be but the core of the new product range.

The new smartphone could be made at Foxconn, the manufacturer of the iPhone, according to Bloomberg. At least, Ruby with Foxconn also would negotiate.

The Smartphone will have currently still prototype status. Rubin wants to bring the Smartphone Center 2017 in the sale, the price should be approximately at the height (around 760 euros) of iPhone 7. Rubin is on the CES in Las Vegas have already held talks with mobile phone providers.

It must be stressed however that all information to the new high-end Smartphone by essential have the character of rumors.