Alcatel One Touch Fire E, First Impressions

During the Mobile World Congress Firefox OS pulled muscle with the introduction of new smartphones with your operating system of different brands. This year was very different, from a phone by 25 dollars to smartphones more advanced than those presented last year, among which is the Alcatel One Touch Fire E.

Above this, we would only see the Fire S but in the Fire and now we find for example a 4.5 screen inches or a dual processor core. This leap in quality that is us detenimos a moment to grasp are the first impressions of a Firefox OS smartphone has nothing to do with the first presented.

Making the leap from past times

When last year it unveiled Firefox OS to the public this came from the hand of the ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire, two terminals no doubt of a very basic range that could give service to certain users but very limited in aspects such as the screen (both resolution and size), processor or cameras.

Now the terminals already presented this year they attack a somewhat higher range, even with large processors, memories, or cameras but if for example by increasing the size of the screen. This is the first highlight of the Alcatel One Touch Fire E we tested, with 4.5-inch 960 × 540 pixels (245 ppp). A screen with better resolution but that it can meet the needs of those who will not see high quality content.

The Fire E has two core processor at 1.2 GHz and 512 MB of RAM, features the best few to other terminals but on the smartphone’s Alcatel are enough to move between screens, open applications or surf without that notice any lag. Now when it goes on sale and more time should be given more cane, with games or demanding applications that we could try to really see how it responds.

As the cameras we have five megapixel camera with LED flash in the rear and 0.3 megapixel camera on the front, cameras for applications specific as we saw since their quality is not that it is precisely high, Although we are talking about a terminal that has not yet been released, and can improve here before putting on sale as we indicated from mark.

Conclusion, a step for Firefox OS

After these first impressions concludes that Firefox OS can take a step with terminals like this. Are obviously not talking about this terminal satisfies the requirements of the most demanding users but if you you could replace the terminals of input from other brands range or operating systems.

Another very different topic, although closely related, is still the application availability for Firefox OS. The absence of WhatsApp makes a nearly discarded option in the Spanish market, but it may have options in markets where other applications such as Line which if present in the OS of Mozilla, have a greater market share.