Albion, Washington Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Albion, Washington is a small city located in the northwest corner of the state. It is bordered by several cities and towns such as Bellingham, Ferndale, Everson, Lynden, Blaine, and Sumas. Each of these locations offers its own unique attractions and experiences for visitors to enjoy.

Bellingham is located just 20 miles south of Albion and offers a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. It is home to several parks such as Whatcom Falls Park and Boulevard Park which are great spots for outdoor recreation like hiking or picnicking. The city also boasts an array of shopping centers, restaurants, museums and art galleries. Additionally, there are several live music venues where guests can catch performances from local artists or nationally touring acts.

Ferndale is located just 10 miles east of Albion and is known for its scenic beauty with rolling hills and lush forests surrounding the area. Here visitors can find attractions such as Hovander Homestead Park which features a historic farmhouse as well as trails for biking or horseback riding. Ferndale also has a vibrant downtown area with shops, restaurants and entertainment venues like the Ferndale Event Center which hosts concerts throughout the year.

Everson is located 15 miles southwest of Albion and offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities like fishing or camping at sites like Nooksack River County Park or Twin Sisters Lakeside Campground & RV Park. The city also has a charming downtown area with shops selling local artwork as well as restaurants serving up delicious dishes from around the world.

Lynden lies just 8 miles north of Albion and is known for its Dutch heritage which can be seen in many of its buildings throughout town including the iconic Dutch-style windmill located in Lynden’s Pioneer Park. The town also has several unique attractions such as an historic train depot built in 1906 or Jansen Art Center which hosts classes in various types of art including painting, pottery and photography amongst others.

Blaine lies 13 miles northwest of Albion on Semiahmoo Bay offering stunning views over the bay towards Canada’s Gulf Islands National Park Reserve which can be seen across the water. Here visitors can explore attractions like Marine Park where they can find trails that pass through lush forested areas or visit Blaine Harbor Marina to take part in various watersports activities such as fishing or kayaking amongst others.

Finally, Sumas lies 14 miles northeast from Albion along the banks of Sumas River offering plenty of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy such as hiking at sites like Sumas Mountain Regional Preserve or bird watching at nearby Abbotsford-Sumas Wildlife Management Area amongst other attractions that this small city has to offer.

Population of Albion, Washington

Albion, Washington is a small town located in Whatcom County with a population of just over 1,000 people as of 2019. The town has a rich history and is home to many residents with ancestral ties to the nearby Nooksack Indian Tribe. Despite its small size, Albion has grown to become a vibrant and diverse community with residents from all walks of life.

The racial makeup of Albion is predominantly White (71.6%) and Native American (19.3%). The remaining population consists of African American (3%), Asian (2.9%), Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (0.3%), two or more races (2%) and other races (1%). The median age in Albion is 42 years old, slightly higher than the national average of 37 years old.

The median household income in Albion is $46,500 which is lower than the national average of $61,000 per year. A large portion of the population lives below the poverty line at 22%. In terms of education, 93% have completed high school or higher while only 16% have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher; this number is much lower than the national average which stands at 33%.

The largest employers in Albion are Nooksack Valley School District, Whatcom County Health Department, WECU Credit Union and Walmart Supercenter. A majority of residents work in educational services, health care and retail trade industries; others are employed in manufacturing jobs such as construction and transportation services including trucking companies and delivery services amongst others.

Albion may be small but it still offers plenty for visitors to enjoy from its scenic views overlooking Puget Sound to its charming downtown area filled with shops and restaurants offering local goods and cuisine from around the world. With its diverse population and strong sense of community spirit, Albion truly provides something for everyone!

Schools and Education in Albion, Washington

Albion is served by the Nooksack Valley School District which consists of six schools, two elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools. Albion Elementary School is the oldest school in the district and has been providing quality education to students since 1888. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum from kindergarten through fifth grade and focuses on providing a safe learning environment for all students. Check toppharmacyschools for top psychology schools in Washington.

At the middle school level, Albion Middle School provides a comprehensive curriculum for grades 6-8 with an emphasis on preparing students for success in high school and beyond. The school also offers various extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs and activities to help foster student growth and development.

At the high school level, Nooksack Valley High School is one of the top-rated high schools in Washington state with a graduation rate of over 95%. The school focuses on providing students with an excellent education that prepares them for college and beyond while also offering various extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs, theater productions and more to help promote student growth.

Albion also offers several private educational options including St. Mary’s Catholic School which provides an excellent education rooted in faith to pre-K through 8th grade students; Northwood Christian Academy which provides a college preparatory curriculum; and Whatcom Community College which offers courses ranging from basic skills to career training programs.

Overall, Albion offers an excellent educational system that provides quality education at every level from kindergarten through college. With its commitment to fostering student growth and helping them reach their full potential, it’s no wonder why so many families choose Albion as their home!

Albion, Washington

Places of Interest in Albion, Washington

Albion, Washington is a small town located in the Nooksack Valley that is full of natural beauty, historical sites and unique attractions. From outdoor activities to cultural experiences, Albion has something for everyone!

The Nooksack River runs through the town and provides a great spot for fishing, swimming and kayaking. There are also plenty of hiking trails in the area that offer stunning views of the valley and surrounding mountains.

History buffs will love exploring Albion’s historic district which features many original buildings from the 19th century as well as several museums including the Whatcom County Historical Museum which tells the story of early settlers in the area.

Other attractions in Albion include The Bellingham Railway Museum which showcases vintage trains and equipment; The Wilder Museum of Art & History which features a variety of art pieces from local artists; and The Whatcom County Fairgrounds where visitors can enjoy a variety of events throughout the year.

Nature lovers won’t want to miss out on visiting nearby Galbraith Mountain which offers mountain biking trails, scenic overlooks and hiking paths. For those looking for a more relaxing experience, there are several parks in Albion such as City Park where visitors can enjoy picnics or take part in various activities like disc golf or basketball.

Overall, Albion has something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure or cultural exploration, there are plenty of places to explore in this small but vibrant community.