Accessories Might Make the Diagnostic Port of the Apple Watch

Aitor Carbajo already suggested it to be discovered, and some that another creator of accessories has Hustler presenting their bets: There is a port of the Apple Watch communications designed for Diagnostics, and that could be the basis for several expansions. But they would be really useful?

As it can be, but it all depends on the approach that want to give Apple to that port. How much worse is the reaction of users to Watch, perhaps more eager to have in Cupertino to justify its purchase by releasing all these options. While they do not, we will see some extra options that could allow that port if Apple allowed its use by third parties.

Provide more battery

On a leash, as already demonstrated responsible for book Strap, fits more battery. And if it can connect to Apple Watch through the diagnostic port, we have a clock that solves one of the main controversies. Other combinations could be, for example, as strap Act solar panel and go feed the device whenever you receive light.

Connect more storage

Yes, almost everything that we are in control from Apple Watch will be stored on the iPhone, but we have a little extra space in the clock to store data such as songs. Expand that space can be as easy as plugging in a belt that has Flash storage chips in its interior. Or what hell, we could even play with Micro-SD slots. Fit, fit.

Expand the possibilities of sound

Don’t take to appear the complaint: why, if I want to go running without my iPhone, not can I connect headphones with traditional audio jack to the Watch and see me forced to use Bluetooth headphones? Because nothing, a belt can use the port of diagnosis for provide that jack somewhere. In addition, taking into account the size of the speakers that are equipped with the current iPhone, any belt could even amplify the sound of the clock.

More sensors

Apple Watch is the smartwatch with more sensors of the entire market, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. A belt can carry sensors, to offer specialized metrics about our physical activity or even in matters of health and research. The possibilities depend on if those sensors can be placed in a belt that needs to be durable by definition.

Imagination vs. philosophy: there is little chance of this happening

All these applications are good looking, but also they suffer its negative part: Apple wants to just close their new goose that lays the golden eggs so that no one can touch it too much. In the best of cases, we could begin to see an Apple yielding to all this when the years competition is encouraged.

In addition, think: a strap with battery can warm up and be uncomfortable on the wrist, a strap with mini speaker can be the nightmare with the sounds of notifications and reggaeton which the rude on the train without headphones, the new MacBook already shows us that Apple wants to leave the cables… do not say that everything is negative but have to look at it with a magnifying glass. And if someone spends time and work to study these integrations, this is Apple.