Accessories Manufacturers Prepare for the Arrival of the Apple Watch

April 24 will go on sale the Apple Watch in nine countries, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom and United States, marking the starting gun for a whole sector of accessories manufacturers. With millions of potential buyers, the fastest tend to carry a good slice of the cake so it is not surprising that we have dozens of road accessories specifically designed for the Apple clock.

The first group of accessories are focused as it could not be otherwise in expanding the already if generous offer of belts and bracelets official, either with universal solutions such as Click, an adapter to use any standard strap 22 mm who in two weeks has more than doubled its goal on Kickstarter to “low cost” of Monowear compatible bracelets , also with a healthy Kickstarter campaign.

The brand of personalized iPhone and iPad cases Casetify, has it been uploaded also on the bandwagon of the smartwatch of Apple with a collection of printed belts on demand with the images that we want. Your fee will be $50 (free postage) and will begin to be sent at the beginning of June.

Other more ambitious manufacturers promise to increase the autonomy of the Apple Watch, one of the most debated of the clock. This is the case of book Strap, a special belt with two hidden batteries that recharge the watch by induction while we put. It is still in prototype phase and its price is ridiculously high, $249, but still, a concept to keep in mind if we finally discovered that those 18 hours of autonomy with a normal use are not many actually.

Related to this topic, now jump to the second group of accessories for Apple Watch and one of which most likely calarán among consumers: the load databases, stands to accommodate the Inductive charging MagSafe cable. Twelve South for example bets on aluminum for its HiRise bases, which will be available from may in three colors for $50.

Blunt is the best word to describe the Standzout Bandstand, a metal base of considerable dimensions that contrasts with my personal favorite, the basis of travel Luxury Pocket Pad Stand & Quill. The version of cherry wood cost 70 dollars, $ 80 in mahogany, and if we want to pull the house advantage, by others 50 dollars we get the Roll Up Kit leather case. It’s not for lack of options.

Finally in this initial selection, we have CyClip, an adapter to fit Apple Watch to the handlebar of your bike and thus use it even while mounted on it. It has no price or release date, but it certainly is another example of the quantity and diversity of companies that rely on the success of the Apple clock.