A Mat and a Smartphone to Prevent Amputations

Fortunately we see from time to time as the domestic technology can be a resource to better take control of certain diseases as it is the case of diabetes. A few months ago we saw how mobile phones have been being increasingly useful for blood glucose control or how you could delete punctures of the routine with a laser.

Apart from apps that help to have control of the results and the guideline and solutions for blood glucose value instantly and non-invasive, researchers are devising ways to serve technology assistance and prevention. And in this case it tries to attend one of the complications of this chronic disease with the help of the mobile: amputations by chronic complication.

So, it’s an initiative of a group of students from Jackson State University. We know from Engadget that a professor at this Centre challenged its students so that they invented a technology that repairs a problem for your project, and Jann Butler and his companions devised Mobile as a Communicator and a system with a mousepad.

Differences in temperature that alert

Smartphone and smart TV smartwatch and how this becomes the smartmat, although the party smart expresses the Mobile Android that would be what the pad detects. The system is thus based on this detects temperatures of the feet put them on her, showing the result in the phone app.

As it happens sometimes, the engine of this idea is based on an experience of one of its creators. In this case of an aunt of Butler, who lost a foot due to the complication of a few ulcers resulting from disease, specifically that glucose is at high levels for a long time. Hyperglycaemia affects the movement doing that the temperature of extremities lower is less than the rest of the body.

If there is a difference in temperature of 4 degrees between the two for a period of time, that records the lowest value will have an increased risk of ulceration

Although the idea from historyaah has basis and the equipment is simple, There are still things that polishing system. One of the members of the team, Chevan Baker, says that you one of the first problems with which it had to deal is with the wrong temperatures due to moisture, for example, which had to change the sensors by other more efficient and water resistance. Then they had some problems with registration of data by the app.

The app, which at the moment There is only for Android but it is being developed for other platforms, In addition to detecting the temperature keeps the previous results (both in degrees Fahrenheit as Celsius) to facilitate comparison. Something that makes quite the task to the optional to not having to transfer the data to the computer, or rely on other devices, sufficing with mobile.

Towards the simplification of the diagnosis

At the moment it’s a project that has a cost of $500 (a charge which is not high if we take into account what usually cost laboratory and medical devices). The fact that the smartphone is the way to control this device is advantageous both for cost management of results, something that we have seen in the past for other types of diagnosis, as for example in the case of asthma, preliminary evaluation of dermal finds, or the detection of parasites in blood.

As we mentioned at the beginning, diabetes is one of the diseases to which luckily are dedicated to serve researchers and engineers. Recently we talked about how a smartphone could be replaced by brain control of an artificial pancreas, which would adjust the dose of an insulin pump according to received from the monitoring of the blood sugar results, recording the result every five minutes.