8 IOS and the IWatch, Could Redefine Systems MHealth

Any topic related to Apple is interested in greater or lesser extent to all users. But among them, if there is one that is arousing particular interest is the iWatch, smart clock or how you want to call. And in the wake of the latest news, engagements Michael O´Reilly or Nancy Dougherty, even more.

No doubt the next few months, even the 2014 full I would say, will be marked by this topic. 9to5Mac already not only dealt with the more than possible new product data, also of the future version of iOS and how will focus on the theme of health and fitness applications.

iWatch, another more quantifier?

The quantifiers are nothing new. At Engadget, our experts to quantify every day, have spoken of them long and tended. So much, even, since we know who, how and what you were to quantify in this 2014. Proposals from different manufacturers that are interesting.

And not only of third-party companies, Sony or LG who manufacture smartphones have joined the trend. Therefore, even without having data that we can confirm accurate, it seems that the next new Apple device will enter in this category. At least, my bet is that, a product that most resemble bracelets that help us measure our activity than to Samsung bets with your Samsung Gear or Pebble.

Of course, I do not think that it is a copy of the Fuelband Nike, even though we liked the dramatic concept that we saw in Applesfera. The iWatch, let’s referring to it as well, it could have notifications, control music playback on your iPhone and other characteristics of a smart watch. But also It would be one of the most complete quantifiers According to the information and rumors.

Mark Gurman says in his article that, according to his source, the iWatch will feature different sensors they measured the steps we take, calories consumed, or distance traveled but that it could also go to more advanced such as heart rate, blood pressure, etc data…

Something logical, right? Why is he hired Ben Shaffer or Jay Blahnik, two responsible for the development of the Fuelband that would be to go beyond the quantifier of Sony. With all of this, the intention of the company seems to be redefining this new sector of the quantifiers, mHealth applications.

Healthbook, the codename of the new app that will arrive next iOS 8

If iOS 7 laid the foundations of the new user interface and introduced numerous APIs to empower and enable new possibilities to developers, iOS 8 will focus on correct and more polishing system but also in enhance the integration of systems of health and fitness.

And it looks like that one of the most visible innovations will be Healthbook (code name), an application that by now we know that it would have an interface based on cards, its icon would be similar to Passbook but with references to aspects such as heart rate and facilitating user access to different data quickly and easily.

In addition, it would not only record and show the data that the iWatch sends you, also the processor M7 included in iPhone 5s that we discussed that it would have great importance for the future with applications that are coming. An application that could be combined with other services to have lots of information about our health.

This also gives us information extra. If IOS 8 mHealth applications will have a strong presence and up to WWDC would not see a demo of the system that would not as a final version until end of year, I think that obviously the iWatch, with luck, would see the light end of 2014 at relationshipsplus.com.

Apple, for the market of devices mHealth

The current trend and interest in mHealth applications and devices are waking up among thousands of user does not catch by surprise anyone. If I do not think that they are essential for a healthy and active life, yes indeed well used to quantify our exercise we have a greater awareness of what we are doing, pack a good motivation. In addition, although we move on to other levels, mHealth devices will be key in a few years.

For this reason, I believe that a new Apple device oriented to those needs, with their particular form of execute ideas and value-added offering its ecosystem will be a success. And then, Yes, you can give me enough reasons to purchase one. Because, to my personally clockwork ‘intelligent’ type Pebble find me curious and interesting but not much brings me to buy it.

I want to know the What’s new with Apple for 2014, especially those affecting your software and services. Because the hardware is very well but in the end, what really matters is what we get to do with the product. And there, the protagonist is software where iOS 8 could start the path with a stronger integration of these functions that help our health.