4.0 Android Applications Will Include Standard Hardware Acceleration

Today we bring you more good news related to Ice Cream Sandwich, and it is that if a few days ago we told you about native support for Cisco AnyConnect VPN, is now confirmed that applications designed for Android 4.0 will bring on series the graphics hardware acceleration.

This priori may seem a secondary improvement, but users will notice a significant improvement in the smoothness and speed graphic reproduction and animations, In addition to a performance improvement in virtually all applications.

More information will find it in the developer blog for Android, which have link at the source, but as a summary we transcribe the words of Romain Guy and Chet Haase, Google engineers describing this new technology:

The operations made by the pack of tools in the user interface are performed by the graphics processing unit. You will like them know that Android 4.0 brings new functionality of rendering accelerated by the GPU on smartphones, which starts with the Galaxy Nexus. This acceleration is enabled by default for all applications.

With this, we can say that the performance the majority of applications will significantly improve When run under the Ice Cream Sandwich, especially for applications that require long rendering. What we now need is to assess for which GPUs will be optimized this function, or if it will be perfectly functional in all architectures graphics chipset.