3 Year Old Girl Buying Apps for the iPad Using Mom’s Card

Usually one of the most celebrated qualities of the programs Apple is its user friendly interface and ease of use, which can be understood quickly even by a child. And this is not always positive.

An Australian girl three – year-old spent the equivalent of $ 50 (US $ 85) on apps for the iPad without the permission of his mother, tells the site RegHardware. “The number of my credit card is saved on your computer then she can buy a number of apps without my knowledge, “says Lisa Leigh, 29, mother sapeca, who recalls that his daughter spent the amount in several games for the device

The woman believes that the possibility of obtaining an apple company reimbursement is remote, since his eldest son played with a number of games without your knowledge purchased. In any case, good to note that this case is much less severe: in May at a young 12 years made ​​a debt in the amount of R $ 2.3 billion in the Farmville game.