17.3-Inch Laptop: Asus N75SF-V2G-TZ117V


Than drive serves the fast core i7-2630 QM processor from Intel. Each of the four cores working at two gigahertz via turbo boost technology they create also 2.9 GHz clock frequency. Surf the Internet or perform Office tasks with Word and Excel, the graphics chip HD graphics housed in the core i7 ranges from 3000. Graphically rich games like about Deus Ex automatically switches the notebook on the more powerful GT-555 M graphics chip from NVIDIA. The notebook has eight gigabytes of memory is an standard for devices of this price class. That the ASUS also fully exploited, there’s with the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium running.

Test: the latest processors in the performance check

The ASUS completed work items as fast as manipulating photos, music and videos. In power-hungry games like Crysis it gets stuck however: average 24 frames per second are too little for a smooth image playback there are only from 40 frames per second. Article COMPUTER determined image of the pace of the game you find test criteria.

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Leaderboard: laptops facilities
aboard, four USB ports, HDMI and VGA are two of them with 3.0 technology,. Also available: A 4 in 1 card reader and Wi-Fi-n and Bluetooth. The built-in speakers of Bang & Olufsen and the separate bass speakers deliver a slightly better sound than many other notebook loudspeakers. Two hard drives with ever 698 gigabytes available available for photos, music, videos, and other data that is more than sufficient. The drive burns CDs and DVDs, plays also Blu-ray-discs.

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The 17.3-inch display (43,94 centimeters) is brilliant and finely videos, games and pictures thanks to the full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. However interfere with strong reflections, also the image is quite strong from the angle depending on side looking at the brightness can be set significantly after.

Design flaws
A notebook this price class actually promises an error-free processing. Unfortunately unlike looks at the ASUS: the BD-DVD combo burner not precisely flush with the housing, and the keys are somewhat shaky. Dangerous: The special keys on the keyboard are without space left in addition to keys such as CTRL and shift are wrong keypresses pre-programmed.

Weak battery
Write texts on the road or surf the Internet, is fast a break due in the test while the battery lasted only one hour and 53 minutes. During playback of videos he made already Tuckered after one hour and 12 minutes. Comparison: the Medion Akoya E7220 while working three and a half hours held out, during the DVD playback even over four hours.

Conclusion: ASUS N75SF-V2G-TZ117V

The ASUS N75SF V2G TZ117V offers almost everything, the music and video fan: two big hard drive, 17.3-inch display, Blu-ray drive, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Core i7 and GeForce GT 555 ensure orderly pace. Annoying are the weak battery life and the small processing deficiencies.

Test conclusion: what you should know

The ASUS N75SF V2G TZ117V offers almost everything, the music and video fan: two big hard drive, 17.3-inch display, Blu-ray drive, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Core i7 and GeForce GT 555 provide decent speed. The too low battery life and the small processing defects are annoying. Per order this product at Amazon high pace of work space full HD resolution plays Blu-ray discs from Kontra very low battery life small processing error test note of the editors of 2.07 good users rating now evaluate alternative: Sony VAIO VPCF22S8E / B
The Sony VAIO VPCF22S8E / B has a somewhat higher working speed, in return but a weaker graphics card and less storage space. Although it has only a 16.4-inch display offers the VAIO full HD and a convincing keyboard.