The 10 Largest Cities in Europe

Those who like to travel to the metropolises of this world will probably have experienced the advantages of one or the other city. With its diverse landscapes, marked by beautiful seas, lakes, rivers and mountains, Europe has a varied portfolio for every taste. Before you go on a trip around the world, you should have seen the 10 largest cities in Europe. The selection criteria for determining a travel destination are as varied as the travel destination itself. The location to the sea, the culture and the prevailing temperatures are mentioned as examples. Why shouldn’t you choose your travel destination based on the size of the population?

Moscow (~ 11.9 million)

The largest city in Europe marked by “Kremlin” and “Red Square” is located in Russia. The art and culture, known through the countless cathedrals or the Russian state ballet, are just a few of the sights. If you are traveling through Moscow, you should definitely use the metro to get to the city center. You can try out the rich food culture on the promenade of the fashion stores.

Istanbul (~ 8.8 million)

The wonderful city is located in Turkey and is partly on two continents, the European and the Asian. The “Bosphorus” and the numerous palaces and mosques should be on the list of sights.

London (~ 8.4 million)

London, an attractive city with a reputation for having more hours of rain than sunshine, is located on the River Thames in Great Britain. With its contrasts, this metropolis attracts countless people who are both cultural and progressive. The “London Eye”, the “Big Ben” and the “Dungeon” are just a few attractive sights.

Sankt Petersburg (~ 5.1 million)

A second city in Russia joins the list of the 10 largest cities in Europe. This metropolis also attaches great importance to its culture. Everyone knows the architectural excellence, characterized by the famous onion domes.

Berlin (~ 3.4 million)

The capital of Germany leaves nothing to be desired in terms of culture and fashion. Worth seeing in Berlin are both the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag, but also Alexander Platz, which is a welcome meeting point for many tourists, musicians and those interested in culture.

Madrid (~ 3.2 million)

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is the focal point when it comes to politics, culture and economy. Museums, theaters and palaces can be admired on a city tour through this beautiful city.

Kiev (~ 2.8 million)

This metropolis is also rich in contrasts. Culturally characterized by museums, theaters and churches and the St. Sophia Cathedral, nothing to be desired.

Roma (~ 2.8 million)

Or the “Eternal City” Rome is the capital of Italy and culturally exists through the legacies of the Roman Empire. Rome is not only known for its diverse sights, but also for its brilliant food culture, which has something for every taste.

Paris (~ 2.2 million)

The city of love, known for the Eiffel Tower, is located in Paris. This metropolis is also well worth seeing due to its culture in terms of museums, culinary delicacies and the extravagant world of fashion.

Minsk (~ 1.9 million)

This metropolis is one of the 10 largest cities in Europe and has its special features ready. It is the capital of Belarus and is heavily involved in education, with many universities located.

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