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USB Hub 10 Ports

Not be as you will be your at home or at work, but my laptop which is all that I use for work and “pleasure” only has two USB ports, something that frustrates me because whenever I have two ports busy always I have to connect a third, but many times when you have occupied three USB connections you need a fourth. If you’re like me who already practically to your microwave is USB, you might need this.

It is a port USB hub for 2.0 and 3.0, but with 10 connections available, for what your want. This place in like a power strip, even resembles one. Obviously you need to connect it to a power supply to use 10 connections, but not this bad, leave aside all the concetradores that you can see.

But something that might seem very simple is somewhat more complex than it seems, it has a button with which you can activate the 10 ports or only activate 1 to 6, to save energy.

Although increasingly the trend is the Elimination of cables and everything to communicate via Wi-Fi and similar, we still need the use of cables daily and one of the places where we most plug and unplug the USB ports on your computer are.

To make this task easier for us gadget appears Quirky comfort, which is nothing more than a HUB that gives four extra USB ports to your PC, but which also has a form conducive to roll over if imsmo cables.

For example, this seems to me tremendously useful to always have the cable from the camera, the iPod, the USB external monitor connected or simply to pick up a few extra centimetres and unnecessary cable.

As you can see in the picture, includes an flexible end, to be able to more easily fit any equipment. It can already be booked and will be on sale for $ 29.99. You decide if your problem with cables is so…


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