I Can not Download Anything from the Play Store, What do I do?

If you’re having trouble downloading and installing apps on your Android device from the Play Store, some issues can be easily solved. Let’s say you just found a great new game to have fun on the way to work, or your friend recommended an affordable app that will make your life easier, but for some reason you’re not getting anything down at the Play Store. There are several things that can cause a problem when you try to install application, and our list brings together the main causes of problems.

I can not download anything from the Play Store because I’m out of space

If you have many other apps, videos or photos on your device, they can use most of your available memory. Check how much the application you want to install needs and if you have enough space for it. You can check this by going to Settings, then Storage. To free up space, delete apps you use little, use cloud storage apps to save your photos, videos, and documents, or buy an SD card for your Android device if it has a card slot. There are apps that can also help manage your Android’s space, but before you can install them, you’ll need to free up space on your device by deleting large files or saving them by sending them via email, for example.

My cell in the Play Store does not download anything because of the cache

Delete the Google Play Store cache and data on your Android device and try to install the app again. To delete the cache, go to Settings, Applications, and All(swipe right to find this list). Then find the Google Play Store and touch it. In this menu, scroll down and tap Clear data. Below you should see Clear cache, which you must also touch. You’ll need to set up your Google account again after doing this, so do not forget your Google account email and password.

I Can not Download Anything from the Play Store What do I do

I can not download from the Play Store because the operating system is not up to date

Some applications will only work with the updated operating system updates. Try updating your phone, and then try to install the application again. You can update your Android operating system by going to Settings by tapping About this device / phone and then Updates. There you should see the option to check now. Tap on it and follow the instructions.

Can not download anything from the Play Store? Try to return the phone to factory settings

In some cases, resetting your Android device may resolve the issue. Before doing this, make sure that everything important on your phone is backed up so that you can recover it after the reboot. To reset the phone, go to Settings, Backup and Restart, and then press Reset.

You are using a screen dimming application

It is quite common to use an application to adjust the brightness of the screen or the color of light. If you’re using an app like this, it might be the reason you can not install Android apps. If you are seeing the Install button but can not click it, it is probably the problem you are having.

The reason for this is the way these screen dimming applications work. To adjust the screen color, the application actually adds an additional graphic over its normal display. When the phone detects this, it disables the Install button. This is a security measure designed to protect you from malicious software . If he did not, malware could use an overlay to trick him into doing anything he wanted.

The good news for you is that disabling the screen dimming application should solve the problem. After installing the desired application, you can re-activate the screen dimming application and take advantage of your Android.

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