How to Transfer Files Between Androids?

Transferring photos, videos, documents, music and other files between nearby smartphones should be simple, but it’s not. There are a variety of different ways to do this and what is best depends on what types of smartphones you are transferring files between them. Do I need a download application? Can you transfer files over WiFi? If you have these questions, we’ll help you understand how to transfer files between Android devices with ease.

Transfer files between Androids using the NFC

Any Android device with an NFC chip inside can send files via NFC using the Android Beam. Simply open the photo or file, touch the phones and you will be prompted to”transmit” the wireless file to the other phone. This works great for sending photos quickly but can not send all kinds of files. Remember that both devices must have Android Beam installed or some file transfer app via NFC, in addition to both devices have the NFC chips.

File transfers via Bluetooth

Smartphones generally have built-in Bluetooth hardware, and Bluetooth can be used to transfer files between nearby wireless devices. This seems to be a solution that would work across all smartphone platforms.

On Android, you’ll need to open the file you want to share, such as a photo in the gallery application, tap the Share button, and then select the Bluetooth option. You are prompted to set up Bluetooth pairing between the two devices. Both devices must have Bluetooth enabled and the discovery option enabled.

How to Transfer Files Between Androids

Use a file transfer app

There’s a good chance you’re already using Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box Sync, Google Photos or some cloud storage service. If you uploaded the file to one of these cloud storage services, you can then share a link to the file so the other person can download it directly from your account. Just access the app, see the file options and choose the option to share the link. You can do this from your computer if your application has the option of accessing the site or program on your computer.

Transfer files from your mobile phone by email

What is the only way to send a wireless file to someone else’s smartphone without a specialized application, regardless of which smartphone they’re using? Through email, of course. Sending a file via email is the only way to share a file with anyone using any smartphone, and you do not need any third-party apps.

Simply activate the email application on your phone, attach the file and send it to the other person’s email address, and they will receive the file in the email inbox on their phones. It is worth remembering that some email programs have limitations on file size.

File transfer via WiFi Direct

WiFi Direct is a feature that allows two WiFi-enabled devices to connect without the need to go through a wireless access point, which allows the phone to transfer files much faster. Wi-Fi Direct is like connecting two devices directly, without the need for a wireless router or an access point. Using this mechanism, applications use WiFi Direct from their Android devices to instantly share their files.

To share files with WiFi Direct, it is worth remembering that devices must be compatible with the technology. Then just download an app from the Play Store that offers this option. From there, you just need to click on the file you want to share, choose the share option and choose the transfer application via WiFi Direct.

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