Where to Buy Vintage Cell Phones

At the time we live with computers, mobile phones and internet almost anywhere, it costs us think about what life was like before these inventions. Today, telephone booths, the typewriters or radios seem inventions that have become obsolete due to the rapid advancement of new technologies.

Here, we like to retrieve objects from other times and use them as decoration to give an original touch to any room in our house. In the next article we will present you the old phone and how to use them as decoration. Follow the advice of our top experts and discover the thousand and one decorative uses of an old phone.

Types of Old Cell Phones

Surely we will have seen some old phone model, either in childhood or at home of our grandparents. Here are some types of older cell phones on internetages that can now be used as a decoration.

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Art Leather Carry Case And Holder For Your GPS

In a world full of shock and accidentally protects Tuff-Luv leather case and keeps your GPS art from everyday small accidents.

This great looking bag for Navman S50, S70, S80, S90, S90I and 3D are hand made from the finest artificial leather. This durable material makes Tuff-luvs for the perfect accessory bag for all who want to take good care of their products.

This faux leather carry case protects your satellite navigation equipment from shock that could damage your GPS.

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Choose or Choose Not Your Star Wars Accessories-There Is No Try

In the course of a lifetime, we are seeing a lot of movies, and most of them go into oblivion. But then there are the films that for one reason or another, makes a special impression on one, and that you will never forget. Some of these timeless film gems can be seen again and again and is just as good now as they were recording for 30 years ago. We are talking about movies like the Godfather, Some Like It Hot, the Back To The Future, Hair, Lord Of The Rings, The Wizard of Oz, and of course: Star Wars.

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Nokia 701 With The World’s Brightest Screen

Nokia 701 is an upgraded version of the Nokia C7, and have an up-to-date operating system, an improved screen and a faster processor. It has a great graphics, a refined UI, long battertid and the clearest screen the world has yet seen. 701 is controlled by Nokia Symbian Belle and a 1 GHz processor, and is approximately twice as fast as before.

Nokia mobile phone 701

Nokia mobile phone 701

It is an attractive appearance at Nokia 701 measures 117.2 x 56.8 x 11 mm, and weighs only 131 g. This mobile phone is supported by a 3.5 inch (~ 210 ppi pixel density) LED-backlit IPS TFT capacitive touch screen that highlights the device’s beautiful exterior. Users can benefit from the 16 million colors with a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels. Nokia says that it is the most obvious smartphone screen, combined with ClearBlack technology with IPS TFT display and a Gorilla Glass surface.

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Practical Tips for a Better FaceTime Experience on iPhone

Today we write about FaceTime – learn how you can use FaceTime on a smarter way!

FaceTime tips and tricks

FaceTime for beginners: how to enable it FaceTime?

Depending on your OS device, you can turn on FaceTime in several ways:

Activate FaceTime on an iPhone

Go to settings and turn it on FaceTime, >. FaceTime will begin with a registration. Remember to sign in with your Apple ID in order to use mail with FaceTime.

You can open the app from the Home screen.

Activate FaceTime on an iPad or iPod touch

Go to settings and turn it on FaceTime, >. Sign in with your Apple ID

You can open the app from the Home screen.

How do you use FaceTime-video conversation?

It can be done in several ways, but it is always quite easily. While you are started with a phone call, simply press the FaceTime icon to invite another person to a FaceTime-video conversation.
You can start a video call by using the list of contacts, or by pressing the video icon in the app itself. And finally, you can press the FaceTime icon when you select one of the contacts in the contact list.

How to use audio conversation in FaceTime?

You can either press the phone icon in the FaceTime app or you can select a contact in the contact list on your device and then press the FaceTime-phone icon there.

Other practical FaceTime-tips

This is how you customize FaceTime-view

You can easily customize view: you just need to tap lightly on the main screen and control buttons and icons disappear, so you can easily view them you’re talking with. Bridgat states, in addition, you can move the “selfiebilledet” which will be shown during the interview. Just drag the image over the screen and you can move it to one of the corners.

Mute function: Mute audio or video during the FaceTime-conversation

Sometimes you need a moment to take a short break during the interview, so you can do something else, but you do not want to “hang on”, and then call back, etc. So it is good to remember that you can mute the sound or video:

To mute the sound, press the microphone icon on the screen – just a little MUTE indicator then appears, and tells you about the conversation status.
To mute the video itself, so just press the home button. The person you talk to will see a “Pause” message, while lydsamtalen will continue.

Now you can use FaceTime both easier and smarter;)

How to Undo the Sending of Mails on Gmail

You’ve probably seen it: in the middle of a mail, you suddenly hit the submit button before you have obtained written finished! “Oh, no! I was, after all, does not even come to the point “But it is too late. The message has already been sent to the Chief, or an important business relationship – as after the incoherent and confused message most likely will select a different partner for future projects. Sent is sent, and there is not much you can do about the matter. It doesn’t help much to throw your computer out the window or hope that the floor will open up and the entire office disappears down into the hole.

Fortunately, there are now a resort! It is, in fact, been possible to undo the sending of packets sent Google-mail! You have to be very quick on the trigger in order to use this tricks, but the most important thing is that possibility now exists – and that you remember to change the settings.

Returned mail, come back!

Error mail

This “cancel button” host available in Gmail Labs for six years already, but it is only now that the possibility is open for all.

What you need to do in order to be able to take advantage of Google’s “undo button”?

  1. Log in to your Gmail account
  2. Press the button with the setting wheel on the top right
  3. Select options from the menu
  4. Scroll down until you find the undo shipment
  5. Select enable undo shipment

Now select the length of the cooling-off period should be. The possibilities are 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds, and although none of them provide special much time, it is amazing how much one can achieve to make, and not at least think of, in the course of 30 seconds:

Scroll a little downward, click Save changes at the bottom of the page … and you’re done!

You can test if it works right away. Click the write new button, type a small mail to yourself and click on Send. At the top of the page there will be a line above where it says: “Your message has been sent. Undo. View message “. If you are quick enough, press Undo and Gmail notifies you of that dispatch is interrupted.

Of course, it is not at all difficult! Just remember to activate this option, then you are prepared the next time you step in the spinach!
We cross fingers for that you should not use cancel button particularly often, but it’s good to know that you can, if you’re going to have it!

Tips: How To Improve Smartphone Battery Life

Regardless of which mobile you are using, it is always fine with slightly better battery life. Sometimes it becomes slowly with battery, and you have to answer anything or call anyone. And maybe you are just irritated by that charge your smartphone over and over again …

Here comes some tips which can help:-)


Get better battery life!

1. The battery more often

It to charge the Smartphone when it is almost empty, it is not a good idea. When the charging mode is lower than 40 percent, have your phone try more. Therefore, the life of the battery also increases up to 25 times, if you don’t “stress” your phone with full of-and charging.

2. Your phone uses more energy to vibrate than calling!

If it is not necessary – then turn vibrations off.

3. Disable apps running in the background

Beat all the apps from which you do not need, and the battery life will be improved.

4. Turn down the brightness

It is easy to do, and you probably do not need full brightness on your phone, I suppose?

5. Turn off all unnecessary warnings from

If you turn on message services off, you can save battery capacity.

6. JuiceDefender to Android (and similar apps for iOS and Windows Phone)

Such apps optimizes battery usage, and is a clever way to get better battery life.

7. Remove all unnecessary widgets

Widgets can be handy, but the swallows the battery! This applies particularly weather widgets – and maybe it’s smart to check the weather when you want, instead of letting weather widgets swallow your battery all the time.

8. Sometimes it’s better with a new battery

If your mobile battery does not work as well, or if it is too old – it will commonly be wiser to get a new battery, than to use the old.

P.s. Here is more power saving tips for Android phone.

Apple Guide: Top 3 iPhone 6 Camera Tricks

Today we present three practical tips that will help you experience more with your iPhone 6.


Apple’s best camera has been even better in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but if you really want to get the most out of the camera on your iPhone 6, it is good to try these simple trickse to smarter use of the iPhone 6

# 1 Bruk filters on your pictures

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular photo sharing services, as well as one of the 10 most popular social networks. And it has become so popular among other grunn of smart filters that are easy to use in images – but remember that you can use filters on your iPhone 6 without using Instagram or tredjepartsapps. Perhaps you are already familiar with the filter icon at the bottom of the screen, but it’s good to know that you can add filters after the picture is taken.
# 2 Time Lapse mode
It is certainly one of the most exciting features of iOS 8, so if your iPhone running iOS 8 or later iOS version, you should try this option. And if you use iPhone 6, it is simply sin not to play lift with timelapse. Just select this option and the camera will take a large number of images over a period of time. After you press stop, they put together a time lapse movie. And it’s also nice to try slow motion mode.
# 3 Edit images without third party apps
Although there are a number of good billedredigeringsapps in the iTunes store, it is much more convenient to carry out rapid changes without leaving the camera app, and it can do. You can actually change a lot of different parameters, such as. exposure, brightness, contrast, color saturation, and more. Quite convenient and simple!

Guide to Buy the Best Mobile Subscription

Mobile Network

There are many things to take into account when choosing subscription to the mobile phone. In addition to the classic things like talk time and SMS-price must also be taken of data, music services and streamingprogrammer.

There are a host of providers, all of which have various mobile solutions, so it can be difficult to predict which subscription that suits you. We have collected a number of mobile subscriptions below.

Comparison of Mobile Subscriptions

Mobity has chosen to focus on six of the most popular providers on the market, in order to give you an idea of what they can offer you each. There is talk about Oister, Telia, fullrate, CBB, Telenor and Telmore.

In particular, Telia and Telmore is known for their many additional features and solutions such as Spotify, HBO etc. So if you’re crazy about music and streaming as part of your mobile subscription, they are certainly good opportunities. See more below.


Package: 3 hours of talk. 2 GB of data. 69 dollars per month.
Package: 10 hours of talk. 10 GB of data. 79 dollars per month.
Package: 12 hours of talk. 12 GB of data. 89 dollars per month.
Package: Free speech. 8 GB of data. 129 dollars per month.

Free SMS, 4 g and free in all creation with Oisters packages.


Package: a 30-minute speech. 300 MB of data. 300 SMS/MMS. 49 kroner per month
Package: 8 hours of talk. 4 GB data. 129 crowns a month.
Package: Free speech in Denmark. 2 GB. 149 crowns a month.
Package: Free speech in Denmark. 10 GB. Incl. 12-month Spotify. 199 kroner per month.
Package: freedom of speech in Denmark and Scandinavia. 30 GB of data. Incl. 12-month Spotify and mobile insurance. 299 dollars per month.

Free SMS (except in package 1) and Denmark’s fastest 4 g in all of Telia’s packages.


Package: 1 hour of talk time. 1 GB of data. 59 dollars per month.
Package: 10 hours of talk time. 10 GB of data. 99 dollars per month.
Package: 12 hours of talk time. 12 GB of data. 109 kroner per month.
Package: Free speech. 4 GB data. 129 dollars per month.

Free SMS in all 4 g Full rates and packages.
Cbb Mobil

Package: 5 hours of talk time. 3 GB of data. 79 dollars per month.
Package: 8 hours of talk time. 8 GB of data. 88 dollars per month.
Package: 10 hours of talk time. 10 GB of data. 98 dollars per month.
Package: Free speech. 6 GB of data. 129 dollars per month.

Free SMS in all CBB Mobile packages.


Package: 6 hours of talk time. 12 GB of data. 99 dollars per month.
Package: 12 hours of talk time. 6 GB of data. 99 dollars per month.
Package: 4 hours of talk time. 5 GB of data. Access to, among other things. HBO Nordic, TV2 Play, Mofibo, Euroman and Politiken. 199 kroner per month.
Package: 10 hours of talk. 20 GB of data. Access to, among other things. HBO Nordic, TV2 Play, Mofibo, Euroman and Politiken. 249 dollars per month.

Free SMS and 4 g in all Telmores packages.


Package: 6 hours of talk. 3 GB of data. 99 dollars per month.
Package: 12 hours of talk. 6 GB of data. 139 kroner per month.
Package: freedom of speech in Denmark and Scandinavia. 5 GB of data. 179 kronor per month.
Package: freedom of speech in Denmark and Scandinavia. 10 GB of data. 199 kroner per month.
Package: Free speech in Denmark, the Nordic countries and the EUROPEAN UNION. 30 GB of data. 299 dollars per month.

Free SMS and 100 GB online storage space at Microsoft OneDrive with in all Telenor packages.

If you want to compare multiple providers and subscription solutions with each other, we can recommend you to do it here. With Your-mobilabonnement.dk has the good overviews, which gives a clear overview, depending on the requirements and would you have as a consumer.

How to Block Messages and Calls on iPhone

Today we explain how you can block messages and calls on devices running iOS 7 or later.


We live in an age where information is becoming increasingly important, but sometimes there will be just too much information. With spam is usually simple – most mailjenester will simply move them to spam the curve where you do not notice them. But what can you do if you get unwanted text messages or calls? If you are using iOS 7 or later, it is possible to block messages, telephone and FaceTime calls from people you add to the block list.


How do you block messages and calls on your iOS device?

To add someone to the block list, you will not receive messages or calls from this person. You can do this in several ways:


Blocks someone in FaceTime- or Phone app

You can block anyone in FaceTime- or Phone app in four steps:

  1. Press Contacts
  2. Tap the contact you want to block
  3. Scroll down and press the Block
  4. Press the Block contact * You can also block a person, go to Favorites and Recently used, and then press the Info button next to the name or number you want to block


Blocks someone in SMS app

You can block any SMS app in 5 steps:

  1. Press the SMS you got from the person you want to block
  2. Press Contact
  3. Press the Info button
  4. Scroll down and press the Block
  5. Tap Block contact

* If a group message, select the correct button for the person you want to block


How Knowing who is being blocked?

If you want to see the list of blocked, just go to Settings and press 1) Telephone, 2) SMS or 3) Face Time, and then tap Blocked.

From here you can also add any direct in the block list PS We hope not mean that someone is bothering you, but now you can at least block them if you want it.

Apple mystery: Why time is always 9:41 in the commercials?

Maybe you have not noticed it, but all iPhone and iPad models from Apple’s advertisements show at. 9.41. Here is why!


9:41 shows up on almost all photos of the iPhone and iPad models

On January 9, 2007 Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone model, original iPhone, after a lot of rumors and speculation. This model is also called the iPhone 1, iPhone 1G or 2G iPhone, but whatever you call it, it is important that we managed Apple changing market and our lives. And it all began in January 2007 under the slogan This is only the beginning and Apple reinvents the phone. It is interesting that the time was exactly 9:42, when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone model, and therefore Apple has used 9.42 in advertising and promoteringsmateriale for many years.


From 9:42 to 9:41


Three years after the first iPhone model was presented, the first of Apple’s tablet models iPad presented. And time was 9:41 when it happened. Therefore, Apple has used 9.41 in advertising since 2010. Former head of Apple (iOS), Scott Forstall, explained it in 2010: As a rule, the biggest news presented about 40 minutes after the start of keynote conferences, and it’s great if the images of iPhone or iPad models show (almost) the same as the audience watches. First chose the 9:42, and then they used 9:41 since 2010.


That’s it – Apple mystery is revealed Do you have any comments or questions, you should just use the comment box.

What You Need to Remember Before You Buy Smartphone

Smartphones have taken over the market for mobile phones, from the more classic phones, which dominated in the ‘ 90s, and 00s. Smartphone is a generic term which covers of phones that can go on the Internet.

However, there are a number of things you should be aware of when you are going to buy smartphone. The market is large, and there are many different manufacturers, each of which offers different phones with different properties.

5 things you need to remember before smartphone purchases

1. Design

Firstly, one must look at the tele ‘ design. The phones are often quite expensive, therefore, your phone must also have an appearance as you will be pleased. Apple’s products are slender and elongated, while the Samsung is a bit wider. The big difference is often also, how big a part of the phone, as the screen fills.

2. The price

Secondly, we must consider the price. The most expensive smartphones costing about $5500, while the cheapest can be acquired for around $150. Of course, there is a big difference in quality and features. Therefore, one must also consider the need to have before you buy the most expensive smartphone on the market. Conversely, it can also be a disadvantage to buy for cheap because the cheaper phones most often are the older models, which quickly run the risk of being very outdated and unusable as a result of technological development. The good news is that there is really some good cell phones at related low price. Here is a site you can try.

3. Control system

Thirdly, we must examine the telecommunications ‘ operating system. Here is the big difference Apple’s iOS system, which sits in all their phones, while it is android system that sits in most other phones. The operating system is often a tilvænningssag, and it is difficult to recommend one over the other.

4. The screen

Fourthly, we must relate to your phone screen. Most new smartphones have the same size on the screen, which typically takes up 4-5 inches. Apple’s screen is 4 inches, while the Samsung’s screen on their top model is 5 inches. The big screen can be an advantage, but the phone will also generally greater.

5. Functions

The last thing you need to think about are the functions which the phones offer. In General, most smartphones offer the same thing, but there can be a big difference between what programs are offered for the phone. In General, Apple’s feature Department more well-developed than androids, although it is to the eternal debate.

If you are ready to purchase your new smartphone, we recommend you visit www.Humac.dk if you are into Apple and www.Samsung.com, if you prefer a Galaxy.