See the Baby from Your Smartphone or Tablet

It makes two months D-Link announced the launch of the camera for babies D-Link Camera Baby EyeOn, an IP camera with a lot of possibilities, like night vision, speaker, microphone, thermometer, motion detector and detector of sound. Something like absolute control of your baby (or your children) from anywhere thanks to the possibility of see what captures from your smartphone, tablet or any computer with internet. Continue reading

Unlock Your Mac Using Your IPhone or Your Apple Watch

The developments in the Apple hardware, If we talk about technology, they are never massive. Beyond a first product that defines the concept that the company wants to convey to its users, the following steps are even more round the idea. The next generations expand the possibilities, but is never added anything then not to serve more. Continue reading

17.3-Inch Laptop: Asus N75SF-V2G-TZ117V


Than drive serves the fast core i7-2630 QM processor from Intel. Each of the four cores working at two gigahertz via turbo boost technology they create also 2.9 GHz clock frequency. Surf the Internet or perform Office tasks with Word and Excel, the graphics chip HD graphics housed in the core i7 ranges from 3000. Graphically rich games like about Deus Ex automatically switches the notebook on the more powerful GT-555 M graphics chip from NVIDIA. The notebook has eight gigabytes of memory is an standard for devices of this price class. That the ASUS also fully exploited, there’s with the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium running.

Test: the latest processors in the performance check

The ASUS completed work items as fast as manipulating photos, music and videos. In power-hungry games like Crysis it gets stuck however: average 24 frames per second are too little for a smooth image playback there are only from 40 frames per second. Article COMPUTER determined image of the pace of the game you find test criteria. Continue reading

Aldi Laptop Medion Akoya P6812 (MD98760)

The revised Sandy Bridge processor has two cores, which are clocked at each 2.2 gigahertz so he is slightly faster than its predecessor 2310 M 2.1 gigahertz. Thanks to the fast processor and four gigabytes of memory does the unit standard tasks such as working in Word and Excel with the installed Office Starter 2010 at lightning speed. The notebook quickly creates even elaborate downs of videos for playback on a Smartphone.

Test: The latest Processors in the Performance Check


In addition to the graphics processor in the core i3 HD graphics 3000 the MEDION has a second graphics chip on board: the GeForce GT 555 M NVIDIA acquires the image playback in games. For titles such as FIFA 12 performance for graphically sophisticated games is enough as rage is the notebook with an average 29 images but a bit too slowly. In the test, it was enough for the part note 3.12 (satisfying). Find the test criteria in the article COMPUTER determined image the game tempo. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus: It Comes Despite Patent Dispute to Germany?

New Samsung Tablet

With the Galaxy tab, Samsung invented the seven inch Tablet and landed a considerable surprise success in September 2010, long time it was considered the best Android tablet. Now comes the polished successor, the Galaxy tab 7.0 plus with small but nice improvements, in two colours (white and metal look) and Android 3.2 (honeycomb) as operating system.

Dimensions and equipment
The device weighs 345 grams and is just 40 grams lighter than its predecessor. Also, it is now just a centimetre-thin (9.96 mm, to be exact). It has a dual-core processor (frequency: 1.2 GHz), which resolves the eponymous seven-inch touch screen with 1024 x 600 pixels. A three-megapixel camera with LED Flash and autofocus, which allows even 720 p video recording, is located on the back. A camera with a resolution of two Megapixels is sitting in the front. Depending on the model 16 or 32 gigabytes (GB) of data storage and a GB of memory into the Galaxy. Continue reading

Our Site Presents Android Tablet and New Kindle Generation

Rumours about the new generation of devices now sprang up long Our site has unveiled its new E-book reader, which are available in three versions in November. The easiest and most affordable at $ 79 device is on Kindle and is now lighter, smaller and faster. The next larger unit listens to the name Kindle touch, costs $ 99 and has the smallest model Wi-Fi on board. A UMTS version of Kindle touch proposes with $ 149 to beech.
Special offer, say: advertising the initially very reasonable prices for the base models because the customer gets advertising displayed on its standby screen. Who on these offers (special offers) waived, each $ 40 must be deeper in the Pocket Access. Continue reading

Apple Bans Sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Update: Court Decision

Update from September 9: Court decision

The design of the Galaxy tab 10.1 is too much based on the iPad, says Apple and now also the Düsseldorf Regional Court. The Chamber confirmed the injunction filed by Apple. You prohibits selling the Galaxy tab 10.1 in Germany and prohibited from Samsung to offer Tablet PCs with certain characteristics (rectangular, flat, clear surface, rounded corners, curved back) throughout Europe. By the way: Galaxy 7.7 fits this description, too remote Samsung so the mini tablet from the IFA booth?

News: Galaxy tab 7.7 Samsung mini tablet from the IFA booth
judgment in the dispute between the companies Apple and Samsung

Fomes is provided: Samsung wants to the legally prescribed sales stop of its tablet computer Galaxy tab 10.1 does not accept. Samsung would appeal the verdict actively and promptly. Can the group before the higher regional court draw.
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Rumors: First Details on the Our Site Tablet Surfaced

Our site soon with an own model in the booming Tablet market goes. For months, there is a speculation about an Our site tablet. CEO of Jeff Bezos made appropriate suggestions. Now compress the information. According to information of the Wall Street Journal the iPad rival to come precisely in October on the market is approximately the time at with new Apple hardware is to be expected.
Details Our site Tablet: Android
As the blog TechCrunch reported, runs on the Tablet Google’s Android operating system in the older version 2.2 (Froyo). An update to the Tablet-optimized Android version 3.2 (honeycomb) seems impossible. As the blog further reported, Our site has changed the user interface. On the main screen scroll as with cover flow by programs and files. Overall the layout reminiscent of a mix of Our site and Kindle. The device has access to apps do not have access to the Android market you through Our site’s own app store.
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3D-Notebook LG Electronics A530

LG wills know
LG Electronics is still intoxicated by the depth: on the IFA of South Korean electronics multi had merged at least 122 stereoscopic screens with each 47 inch diagonal to a gigantic 3D wall. Virtually every new device with a display gets missed by LG now a 3D feature. Because the notebook segment cannot be missed of course: the new notebook A530 uses LGs film patterned retarder technology, which is to produce a particularly bright and stable image and allow a longer use without dizziness or headache.

3D with pol glasses
The polarization technology provides the impression of plastic, two corresponding glasses are included. LG integrates a 3D camera (1.3 mega pixels) within the framework of the 15.6-inch full-HD displays for in-house productions (1.920 x 1.080 pixels). Also two-dimensional film classics or games can heave themselves with the help of a special LG software into the third dimension. Continue reading

Technology Blast: These Innovations Are at the IFA 2011 Really Important

The trend continues: tablets, tablets, tablets

2011 no own Tablet PC in the portfolio who can pack so most manufacturers think and are launching their own products in the battle for a piece of the iPad cake. While companies such as ViewSonic, Toshiba, Medion choose the classic form factor, is Sony Tablet S and P brave and so at the same time new problems on the tray. Samsung adds to its successful Galaxy series to further display sizes and so finally closes the gap between Tablet and Smartphone. Also dispute with Apple will be at the IFA 2011 its continuation.
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Toshiba Qosmio F750 3D: 3D-Notebook

Video on the subject

The Toshiba laptop Qosmio F750 represents 3D without glasses. The Clou: 2D and 3D content are displayed at the same time. 3D-notebook Toshiba Qosmio F750

Representation of 2D and 3D content

Not enough so that, that the new notebooks Qosmio F750-10L, and F750 Qosmio-10M Toshiba simulate depth without cumbersome 3D glasses. The real kicker: You are able to display 2D and 3D content simultaneously on the 15.6-inch screen. So, it is for example possible to see a 3D movie in a window and at the same time to edit an Office document in the usual way. Continue reading

Sony Tablet P: from S2 Is P

Video titled

At the IFA, Sony presents the Tablet P. Folding mechanism with dual display, the Android tablet is a real eye-catcher. First impression of the Sony Tablet P Sony Tablet P

(Formerly S2)
The project name Sony S2 is Sony Tablet P (the large S1 tablet is now called S). The Tablet P distinguishes itself from other tablets through an innovative folding design. Who opens the device, sees two screens each 5.5 inch (13.9 cm) with a resolution of the 1,024 x 480 pixels. Thanks to split technology, the P on the bottom screen as toggles a keyboard while you see the text on the upper display. How to use the P similar to a notebook or upright like an opened book. The P is millimeter on a format of approximately 79 x 180 x 26 folding and although fits in your jacket pocket, but is a quite a Brummer. It weighs around 380 Gramm.
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Samsung Series 9: Ultra Notebook of Class


Video on the theme

Samsung reveals the new 9 series and promises more power than in the Ultrabooks of the other hardware manufacturers. Samsung Series 9: powerful Ultrabook however: Samsung’s series do not include the Ultrabooks in the classical sense 9. However, the target group is the same. Users who place high demands on performance and design, noble design, mobile computers that bring significantly more power depending on the facilities as Ultrabooks with the series 9 notebooks.

More processor power
Work In contrast to the very thin MacBook Air competitor in the models of the 9-Series core – i5 or core i7 processors. A separate graphics card brings out the last of the SuperBright plus LED-display. The display measures 13.3 inch, the resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels. As a storage medium, a 128 gigabyte full SSD is installed. Four gigabytes of memory are integrated, up to a maximum on the notebook upgrade. eight gigabytes, can be Continue reading

HP Ipaq 6915

Last fall, HP Ipaq 6515 began selling and on Mobile, we noted in our test that it was a ” super machine”. Is this upgrade when competitors hard betting?

For those who want to use email seriously means a keyboard to a smartphone becomes a much more useful device. HP realised a year ago when the Ipaq 6515 came out. Then the Ipaq 6515 a really innovative smartphone with built-in gps.

Since then, it has been a lot of water under the bridge. HP is no longer alone in smart phones with gps. And mobile Giants Nokia and Sony Ericsson are releasing right now several convenient Smartphone with a keyboard. Continue reading