The Screen as Axis in the Future of the Smartphone

Speaking of innovation in the industry of smartphones sometimes outlines a kind of technological roof, in reference to the many ‘needs’ that these devices already replace and how complicated it can be to innovate and improve not only invented already. That’s why any evolution in this sense, to incorporate a new feature added a new function, is interesting both for the end user and for the market, and it seems that the industry is focusing on screens. Continue reading

Chinese Manufacturers of Smartphones Are More Growing, According to IDC

Now that it’s been almost a month since the start of the new year already it has given time to gather figures and have done a calculation of how things have gone during the year 2015 in the markets. IDC now presents the summary of their estimates of the last quarter and throughout the year in terms of the distributions of the leading manufacturers, and China is the country that is home to the manufacturers who have grown more percentage. Continue reading

CornerTube Te Allows You to Watch YouTube Videos

One of the great innovations that incorporated iOS9 was the ability to play videos in a separate window while we work on a document or simply casting an eye to Twitter. It was the incorporation of the Picture in Picture (PiP), but for the time being limited to the videos that we have stored. This feature was left to YouTube, King of Kings of playing videos, in the hope that its developers adapt the application to this new feature, but goodness in the populated App Store there are solutions for everything, and in this sense, a new App, CornerTube, allows the PiP of YouTube in a very simple way. Continue reading

Would You like New Smartphone around 100 Euros ?

If yesterday we analyzed how mobiles that are around 200 euros may be more than satisfactory in any of its forms, are now going to further adjust prices up to haunt the 100 euros without that experience will suffer in general but by setting priorities to find a Mobile with features that meet your needs in the medium term. Continue reading

The Best Smartphones between 50 and 150 Euros

We finished our monthly review of free mobile phones prices and terms with operators, with the selection of cheaper Smartphones that are around 100 euros that you complete the review along with the best mobile that are around 200 euros and the best smartphones from 300 euros. If you want to adjust the maximum price without compromising the experience in aspects you consider fundamental, then we will help you to Choose the best mobile phone by setting priorities to find a mobile phone with features that meet your needs in the medium term. Continue reading

Alcatel Pixi 3, a New Line of Smartphones

There are already few days for to begin the technology fair CES 2015, which will take place in Las Vegas between 6 and 9 January, but that does not prevent that there are some manufacturers who already are announcing some products that present in that instance. One of them is Alcatel, who aims to conquer the market with its new line of smartphones called Pixi 3. Continue reading

Of Truth We Consulted Our Smartphone 150 Times a Day?

Fundación Telefónica yesterday published a new edition of its report on the information society in Spain (SIE), corresponding to the year 2013. It lists various statistics on ICT, Internet access and the use of mobile telephony, highlighting how the rise of the smartphone and, more recently, the tablets are changing our behavior. Continue reading

Vivo’s Signal Interfering with Mobile Phone GPS

In early March, a TecMundo reader contacted our editorial team to report an alleged incompatibility between the GPS signals from some Android smartphones and Vivo’s mobile internet network.Resident of Porto Alegre (RS), the electrician engineer Marcelo Dal Alba sent an email saying he could not use apps like Google Maps and Waze in his 3rd generation Moto G.

Continue reading

Walk Facing the Smartphone as Risk Sport

We got it. Human beings have been able to make a trastito that (some more than others) fits in the Palm of our hand a problem when walking down the street, both physical attention. Turns out that our terminals are (or that try to) multi-tasking but we who so are not, to the extent that in New Jersey began to fine pedestrians whose use of the smartphone entail a recklessness. Continue reading