A Round Apple Watch? a Patent So It Suggests

One of the things that most it has always criticized Apple Watch has been its square design. In this sense, rivals seem to have understood well that is more aesthetically appealing one round dial a square, and yet Apple has remained to erre erre in his stubbornness with the square factor form. And we cannot say that it has gone wrong precisely. Continue reading

Applying What You Learn from Your Apple Watch Will Help

It was only a matter of time that had just appeared and has been. We have available in the App Store an application of languages that will find it you very interesting if you have an Apple Watch in addition to an iPhone or iPad. In the latest update of Babbel, we have the opportunity to use it with the Apple SmartWatch. Continue reading

Fitbit Begins with Problems While Apple Watch Reach Its Demand

They are not good times for manufacturers of devices wearables. At the end of last year, we saw how the pioneer of intelligent watches came down. Pebble sold the company to an anxious Fitbit to the final leap to a market that still has failed to make a dent. Although in the acquisition of the hardware part is set aside to focus on the operating system. Continue reading

Is There Any Application Interesting You on the Apple Watch?

The launch of the Apple Watch has kept us occupied, but it is time to return to our question of the week taking advantage of being already many (lucky them) who have been able to prove the clock. Now what It all depends on the applications that developers are releasing, It is the time to know your preferences: Continue reading

a Fun Game Arriving in Exclusive to Apple Watch

Yes, we know that many things you can do with an Apple Watch but… and play? Yes, we already knew of the existence of different games that they adapted in some way to the restrictions of the device’s screen, but today we want to present a game that is exclusive to Apple Watch, i.e., that you will play it entirely in the clock display, although you can later rely on the iPhone. Is Little Leader, and he tries to represent a dictator who wants to submit to their country. Continue reading

9 Days with Apple Watch, the Bright, Good and Bad

Last week I received an SMS from Apple by surprise, saying that Apple Watch steel had requested on April 10 had just sent. A few days later we could make the unboxing of this model in Applesfera. After having used for nearly ten days, I have a more formed opinion on what Apple Watch. But it is even more important to know what is not the first wearable of the company. Continue reading

Perhaps We Offer a Advancement of the Future IWatch

Apple as always as timely with their patent precisely now that river of the iWatch, the rumored Apple Smart Watch, sounds more forcefully than ever. Presented at the U.S. patent and Trademark Office in August 2011, the document describes a device with a flexible display that we could carry on our wrist and that it could work together with other linked portable electronic device we carry over. Did someone say iPhone? Continue reading

The Perfect for Apple Watch and IPhone Shopping List

Sign the list of purchase in a role is something that already is not so often. Since we have smartphones, many of us who have gone to Note the purchase in a Notes app. In the case of the iPhone, the app’s notes received a good portion of new functionalities between 9 and 10. As for example, the checklist with which to make a list that you can then mark as completed. Continue reading