Accessories Manufacturers Prepare for the Arrival of the Apple Watch

April 24 will go on sale the Apple Watch in nine countries, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom and United States, marking the starting gun for a whole sector of accessories manufacturers. With millions of potential buyers, the fastest tend to carry a good slice of the cake so it is not surprising that we have dozens of road accessories specifically designed for the Apple clock. Continue reading

What Are the Possibilities of Pebble in the IOS?

Just a handful of days for the official launch of the Apple Watch are. Although it is estimated that its sales during the last week have been around one million units only USA, its success or failure will not see it up to within one or two years. The same time that long before the iPod and the iPhone exploit in sales. Continue reading

The Shipping Time of the Apple Watch May Not High

In an hour after opening the device reserves, we begin to see how heyou shipping times began to significantly increase. It is estimated that in less than 6 hours already all available units are reserved. And then we begin to see how the Apple website marked “June”, “July”, or even “August” Ethereal. It had happened, Apple had sold (a.k.a quiet) all existing units of Apple Watch within a few hours. Continue reading

Fitbit Shares Fall Sharply after Presenting Blaze

Fitbit this week has been like a never-ending roller coaster ride: on the one hand enjoyed the glory of having your mobile application as the most downloaded just the day after Christmas, what did deduct many sales of sports bracelets were a success in the Christmas season, but on the other hand, an unexpected cold water jug: your watch Blaze has been very badly received by the shareholders of the company that has seen the value of their shares fall to lead. Continue reading

Jonathan Ive Believed that the IWatch Shall “Troubles”

The countdown to the most anticipated Apple event in recent years it has already begun, and if we did not have enough with the torrential rain of rumors about what the guys at Cupertino will reveal, now also come some of the bluster that the footballer Jonathan Ive It is releasing “out of micro” among his colleagues. Continue reading

Apple Watch Can Already Be Tested in Nine Countries

After ads, advances, rumors and reviews of most not be able, at last will be users who will have the word. In the United States the period of testing and Apple Watch reserves has already opened, with tails as that you can see in the image above from Australia (posted by @VOOK64) where the launch coincides with the open shops. Continue reading

Users May Be More Interested in Buying the AirPods

A recent study by Merrill Lynch, the research unit of Bank of America, showed that more people are now interested in buying AirPods than in buying an Apple Watch Series 2, the second version of the Cupertino firm smart clock. The study was conducted among U.S. consumers, and 12% of respondents said it would buy the new wireless headphones. Continue reading

A9 Chips of the Next IPhone, the IPad Pro

Finished and the first month of the year we get into the February and already have a more or less exact date of when Apple Watch will be launched. As Tim Cook said at the Conference’s results, Apple Watch will start to be available in April, which can lead us to think that in March we will have an exclusive Keynote for the Apple SmartWatch. Continue reading

Apple Watch, MacBooks Air 12 Inch, IPhone, Android Wear 6s

Now we are to little more than 24 hours of the next Apple Keynote, the Keynote where they will reveal details about the Apple Watch. Prices, final characteristics, applications, release date… And we are sure that it will also come with “a loaf of bread under the arm” according to rumors, tomorrow we will know if it is a MacBook air new or an iPad Pro… Continue reading

Now You Already Know the Price of the Apple Watch

After months of betting and predictions, finally we know already the official prices of the Apple Watch. And as always go with the Apple company, prices are “something” higher than that many expected. And clear, that can affect the desire of some to buy anything else goes on sale. It’s time to hear your opinion about it taking advantage of our question of the week: Continue reading

Apple Watch, Your Interface Y La Television’s Apple Connection

With each presentation of Apple one wonders what will be the next step, which new product be displayed at the next event. A week ago we met the new iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple Pay, novelty that already had been rumored. A few days later Tim Cook, the company’s current CEO, gave an interview in which several issues were put on the table. Continue reading