The Perfect for Apple Watch and IPhone Shopping List

Sign the list of purchase in a role is something that already is not so often. Since we have smartphones, many of us who have gone to Note the purchase in a Notes app. In the case of the iPhone, the app’s notes received a good portion of new functionalities between 9 and 10. As for example, the checklist with which to make a list that you can then mark as completed. Continue reading

Apple Filed the EEC New IPhone, “AirPods” and Apple Watch

Each new product that is put on sale in the market must pass before by a regulatory record before (in the case of the Eurasian area) the Eurasian Economic Committee. This Monday Apple has presented new products that will sell the coming months in Europe: two new iPhone, headphones wireless called AirPods and up to a total of 10 different models of Apple Watch. Continue reading

7 IPhone, Apple Watch Series 2 and AirPods: First Contact

We started this year of 2016’s final season with the highly anticipated keynote of September: a presentation that starts with the force – and that any rumor has been able to anticipate – in the arrival of Nintendo to iOS. Shigeru Miyamoto climbs on stage to the surprise of everyone in San Francisco, and tells us that he was looking forward to that a project of this magnitude is finally available in the Apple platform. Continue reading

Apple Releases Another Batch of Ads

Apple company is strongly promoting its new iPhone 7, 7 Plus iPhone and of course Apple Watch Series 2. For this reason, in the last hours presented three new ads making special emphasis on aspects the performance of the camera of the iPhone 7 in low light conditions, and resistance to the water of the two devices. Then you share each advertising clips. Continue reading

The Fastest Way to Watch Videos on the IPhone

Long ago we discussed in Applesfera Air Video, but I think we do not devote the attention it deserved. Recently I have seen the program running from an iPad and has literally left me open-mouthed. Air Video is one of the most interesting applications that are now same on the App Store to view videos through streaming. Continue reading

Apple Watch, IPad and IPhone Working as a Team

A matter of categories. Which use Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad, know that at some point is generated doubt or conflict arise what device to use in every situation. It is no longer a matter of screen size, but know how to combine the potential of each device in order to achieve maximum productivity in the workflow. Continue reading

Fourth Beta of IOS 10.3, 10.12.4 MacOS and WatchOS 3.2

It’s Monday, and as it is common, the Apple company made available to developers the fourth beta of iOS 103, macOS 10.12.4 and watchOS 3.2. These new betas come a week after we knew the third beta, and it is expected that these versions are available in the coming days to all people subscribed to the program of public Betas of Apple. Continue reading

Apple Will Sell 189 Million IPhone and 12 Million Watch

By now already we have become accustomed to huge queues formed in front of some shops the day which becomes a new smartphone «star» in the market. Although there are many brands with flip, Apple and Samsung are the leading the front If we look at the desire aroused by their most anticipated mobile. And this initial enthusiasm is nothing more than a reflection of what is to come during the commercial life of terminals. Continue reading

Buy iPhone, But Cheap!

iPhone 4S without contract: pay and take

Are the days where the path inevitably led to the iPhone in a Telekom shop, since October 2010 over. To buy the iPhone 4 S, at the dealer, from 629 euro in Apple’s online store or your local Apple store. The previous iPhone 4 and 3GS are also still available. Advantage in the Apple store: with a defect within the warranty period you will receive as a customer usually a new device. This also applies to the equipment of the provider. The rush is huge in the first few weeks, the iPhone 4 is sold out in many places. Who can not wait, it pays: dealer where the iPhone 4S is available, call prices, some well above Apple’s list price is.

Price – comparison Apple iPhone 3GS/4 / 4S

iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4S display 3.5-inch 3.5-inch 3.5-inch resolution 480 x 320 960 x 640 960 x 640 camera 3 mega pixel 5 mega pixel 8 megapixel front-facing camera – 640 x 480 640 x 480 video recording 640 x 480 1280 x 720-1920 x 1080 price (Apple Store) 369 € (8 GB) 519 € (8 GB) 629 € (16 GB) 739 € (32 GB) 849 € (64 GB) test: iPhone – 4S with detailed comparison test: iPhone 4S everything to the new Apple Smartphone
iPhone 4s: material cost is only 133 euro
test: Apple iPhone 4
50 apps: which should be missing on any iPhone! Continue reading

Test: iPhone 4S

Sought after as never before

Although the eagerly awaited iPhone 5 was revised Apple of only existing iPhone 4 and bought an S (for speed), more than 1 million pre-orders were received by Apple in the first 24 hours that far exceeds the run on the iPhone 4 with 600,000 prospective buyers on the first day. The rush in Germany is so great that Deutsche Telekom already is their customer delays. There is information about prices and conditions at Telekom, O2 and Vodafone.

Duel of the smart Giants: iPhone 4S vs. Galaxy S2

Rush to the iPhone 4s: impressions of the sales start Apple released 5: iOS you need to know to start


Without barriers immediately at Apple

Who wants to conclude a contract, buy iPhone at full price at Apple. All versions of iPhone 4S with 16, 32, 64 gigabyte (GB) are memory without power lock available (if supplies last). Price: 629 euro (16 GB), 739 euros (32 GB), and 849 euro (64 GB). Orders are possible via the Apple website or in one of the Apple stores. Its predecessor iPhone 4 Apple in black and white offers with eight gigabytes of memory and without SIM-lock for 519 euro, that unlocked 3GS with eight gigabytes for 369 euros. Continue reading

Apple released 5: iOS You Need to Know to Start

Appears when iOS 5?

At the keynote to the publication of iPhone 4S Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the new operating system iOS 5 on 12 October 2011 to post two days before the start of the successor to iPhone and at the same time with the next generation of the iPod touch. IOS 5 will benefit iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4s, iPad and iPad 2 as well as the iPod touch third generation. As soon as you connect your device with iTunes, informed an Assistant about the update to iOS 5 and installed the new firmware automatically.

iOS 5: which are the top new features
networking via iCloud, improvements in Safari, completely renewed notification Center, voice control with Siri iOS 5 offers many. The 20 major new features COMPUTER provides picture in detail. Continue reading

Elgato Tivizen

How it works
The Elgato Tivizen operates its own Wi-Fi wireless network. He joins without the otherwise usual networks router directly with Wi-Fi-enabled PCs and Apple devices. He sends the TV signal that he receives on a pull-out antenna which, supplied is however only one device. Power refers to the Tivizen, a battery, recharge via USB. In the test filed a single charge for four hours TV reception, the iPad battery lasts in the Wi-Fi operation-clear longer.

Setting up
If you use an Apple mobile devices, open the app store. Look for the free program (app) Tivizen, it displays multiple search results. The Tivizen app from Elgato Systems is correct: switch the Elgato receiver and open the menu settings in the Apple device. Call the Wi-Fi menu item and choose the Tivizen network. Then start the Tivizen app and follow the instructions on the screen. The first time you use the tuning starts automatically. See the list of all available channels after less than two minutes and can start with television: A finger tip on the list starts the desired program, switch it can be set by wiping across the screen. The Elegato convinced here with good reception even in confined spaces. Which stations are available depending on the region by DVB-T, shows the website In many places, it is only the public service programs. Continue reading

Apple Is Undoing Its Own Success: Expectations Dashed

Gets a crack Apple’s success story: just two weeks after the death of company founder of Steve Jobs the electronics company presented new record figures. But for the first time for years Apple did not fulfil the high expectations of the stock. Had become accustomed to huge gains and were now more and more jumps look.
After the announcement of the figures for the fourth quarter from July to September, the price fell more than six percent nachbörslich. I do not believe my eyes, the presenter said the US economic channel Bloomberg TV. That is totally unusual. Continue reading

How to Choose a Smartphone

In a few years, the mobile phone has taken us from shifting oral telephony to a growing range of services: email, Internet navigation, digital photos, applications, downloads, music, games, video… The smartphone has become a versatile device. So how well choose?

Set the main use and budget

Want primarily be reached by voice or SMS, a smartphone new entry, if used, will be enough for a budget of less than € 100.

Continue reading