Meizu Speakers

The expansion plans of Chinese Meizu have undergone an acceleration when sales of smartphones have touched 20 million units in 2015. Since then, the Asian management realized that national borders are not sufficient for a company with great potential, deciding therefore to broaden its customer base to international markets. And the first attempt at entry into the United States is represented by one speaker wireless “floating” crowdfunding site launched Indiegogo.

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DAB Tuner Adapter2

DAB Adapter2 is a smart and economical solution to get DAB radio on your existing site. You get a complete DAB/DAB + tuner with presets, display, clock and many other functions without having to get another large appliance in the bookcase. Remote control included.

DAB Tuner Adapter2

Highlights of Argon DAB Adapter2 – easy and stylish DAB/DAB + radio to your facility

  • Fine sound and easy operation without network setup
  • Compact and stylish design with easy-to-read LCD display
  • Both analog and digital audio output (optical)
  • Remote control included
  • 12V trigger out for auto-on/off with compatible amplifiers/receivers
  • Together with Vintage Desktop Radio from INTERNETAGES

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DAB1 + v5 DAB/FM Record Players

DAB1 + v5 is the basic version of the Hi-Fi Club’s own popular DAB +/, and it gives you a stylish design, fine sound and easy operation. You’ll also get RDS RadioText on/FM and delicious OLED display with Dim function. Several finishes.

Vintage Style Radio
Highlights of Argon DAB1 + v5 – Hi-Fi Club’s own DAB/FM radio

  • Fine sound and easy operation
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Elegant OLED display with dimming function from
  • Both the FM (with RDS RadioText/) and DAB/DAB +
  • Mini-Jack connector for iPod, smartphone or other external audio sources

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Simple And Elegant Sena Lugano Leather Cover for iPhone

Every time we think of high-quality leather mobile covers are Sena is one of the first brand names as we remember. There are many reasons for this – an optimal protection, an elegant design, first-class materials and full functionality. This time, we intend to introduce you to Sena Lugano snap-on cover for iPhone 4, also compatible with iPhone 4S.

SENA leather case for iPhone
iPhone leather cover from Sena
iPhone leather cover from Sena

Apple’s fourth-generation smartphone fits just perfectly into this eye-catching cover. All protective covers from Sena Lugano series is defined with lightness and slender profile that puts no size to the iPhone. iPhone case is handmade from the finest Italian leather and padded inside to protect your phone from scratches and damage, which can occur during daily use.

With this beautiful and simple iPhone 4 cover, you will always have free access to all smartphone features, thanks to the custom made openings for camera, ports and buttons. This accessory will not protect iPhone glass, so it is recommended to use protective film. SENA offers a variety of colors and patterns, so it’s up to you to find it as best suited to your preferences and taste. Visit ComputerDo for more information on these leather covers for iPhone 4.

DAB3 + V5 DAB/FM Table Radio Plus Alarm

DAB3 + v5 is an extremely versatile table radio with DAB +, FM and wireless music playback via Bluetooth. With two built-in speakers you get nice and rich stereo sound, and you can choose between elegant lacquered finish or real wood veneer.

Highlights of Argon DAB3 + v5 – versatile table radio with DAB +, FM, stereo speakers and Bluetooth

  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Nice finish in lacquer or real wood veneer
  • Elegant OLED display with dimming function
  • Both FM and DAB (incl. DAB +)

DAB3 + v5 is the large and extra versatile version of the Hi-Fi Club’s own DAB/FM radio. Here you get both radio and built-in Bluetooth capability, so you can wirelessly stream all your music from the smartphone, tablet, mobile, PC and Mac. You therefore have both a universal radio and an accomplished wireless speakers for all your portable music including streaming services such as Spotify, WiMP and others.

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Sony RDP-V20iP iPhone and iPod Speaker Dock

Sony RDP-V20iP is a speaker dock that is designed specifically for iPhone and iPod

Sony has created a new and unique stylish way to fill a room with music from an iPhone 4/4S or iPod. Sony Circle Sound audio technology provides 360 ° sound from a single, compact enclosure which looks fantastic and which sounds even better.

Sony dock for iPhone and iPod

Sony dock for iPhone and iPod

Unlike conventional speakers, providing 360 ° Circle Sound perfectly balanced sound to every corner of the room. No matter where you are, so music always sounds good. Move this iPhone/iPod dock around the room, House or garden – and the music still sounds good. A dock is a base to hold something.

RDP-V20iP speaker dock is ultra-portable thanks to a built-in, rechargeable battery that provides approximately 6 hours of playing time.
* Portable speaker dock
* Stylish, compact design – fits in all rooms
* RDP-V20iP is compatible with iPod/iPhone models, via direct docking
* Remote Control: Yes
* Built-in rechargeable battery: Yes
* Playing time (at battery): approx. 5 hours
* AC power: 100-240V
* Dimensions: 145x145x145 mm
* Weight: 600 g

Vintage Spotify Connect Radio Player – Easy Music From Your Spotify App

Argon iNet3 + v2 is one of the world’s first tabletop radios, which have Spotify Connect natively. With Spotify you choose Connect directly from your Spotify app which works, which should play your Spotify-music. Listening to playlists on the go and you come home, you go into the Spotify app and choose “Stereo room”, after which the music immediately will play further there. Then select “Kitchen”, if you would rather have the sound there, and so on.

Via Spotify Connect your smartphone and app works as a remote control for Spotify, not as a music player. It gives you much better battery life and stability in relation to to stream via AirPlay. You can move your music in a heartbeat for a player in another room, and you can run all the tools from the Spotify app that you are familiar with. Calling your phone, the music continues, and if you put the music in time with your smartphone for then to go shopping, so can the rest of the family listen on. A new and far more flexible Spotify-experience.

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Inet3 + V2 Music Streamer And Radio

Argon iNet3 + v2 is the absolutely complete table radio with built-in stereo speakers, internet radio, Spotify Connect, DAB + and FM with RDS/RadioText. You can even remotely control the radio app from your smartphone (iOS/Android). Several finishes.

Inet3 + V2 Music Streamer And Radio

Highlights of Argon iNet3 + v2 – Wireless and complete internet radio with built-in stereo speakers, Spotify Connect, DAB + and FM/RDS.

  1. Built-in stereo speakers for extra nice and rich sound
  2. Built-in Spotify Connect-function
  3. Both internet radio, DAB + and FM/RDS
  4. Option for app-remote (Apple iOS/Android)
  5. Elegant OLED display with dimming function

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TT-2 Turntable Record Player in Retro Style

TT-2 is a serious Hi-Fi record player with exclusive glass-plate plate. Here you get high audio quality and, at the same time, a simple and functional design. A well-playing Ortofon pickup is mounted from the factory. Available in black and white finish.

Argon TT-2 – simple, delicious and well-playing Hi-Fi record player

TT-2 Turntable Record Player

Exclusive platter in glass
Nice sound quality
Comes ready with pickup (Ortofon OM5e)
Simple and solid construction
Available in both black and white finish

According to, TT-2 is a solid high-fidelity turntable with exclusive platter in glass. TT-2 is belt-driven, and all operation is done manually – a serious solution, as both promise long-lasting, trouble-free operation and great sound quality for affordable money.

A well-playing Ortofon OM5e pickup is mounted from the factory, so you are running with the same. When the needle is worn, you can buy a new needles efforts separately instead of replacing the entire pickup lens.

TT-2 is available in black and white finish. Dust cover is included.

Product description
Delicious technical details
TT-2 is a completed quality turntable with serious technical solutions everywhere. Tonearm and pickup-house is done out in one in aluminum, and the terrific beautiful glass-plate plate gives an exclusive look that you don’t usually encounter in this price range.

Super simple structure
Please be advised that switching over between 33 and 45 rpm requires you to manually move the strap on the drive. You must also make sure to start and stop playback. On the other hand, you can enjoy that they saved automation-money goes directly into the sound quality and super delicious design.

Technical specifications
Category: Vintage Record Player
Automaticity: No
Drive: Rem
Speeds: 33/45 rpm/min
Pickup: MM (Ortofon OM5e)
RIAA-amplifier: no
Color: Black or white
Size: 42.0 x 11.2 x 33.0 cm (Wxhxd)
Weight: 4.0 kg
Platter: glass
Tone arm 8.6 “in aluminum
Effective arm length: 21.9 cm
Effective arm massage: 8.0 g
Ortofon can be purchased separately
Energy consumption (on mode): 4.5 watts

C427 Radio Players

If you can live without the DAB, is a fine way to radio C427-experiences in large format. Genuine NAD-sound quality and thoughtful features make this FM/AM tuner for a natural extension of your stationary installations. Remote control included.

Highlights of NAD C427 – accomplished and easily operated FM tuner for your facility

  • High sound quality
  • Easy-to-read 4-line LCD display
  • 40 presets
  • Remote control included
  • 12V trigger inputs for auto-on/off with compatible amplifiers/receivers

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