Toshiba Qosmio F750 11U: Brillenlos in the Third Dimension

Highlight: 3D properties

Video on the subject

The Toshiba laptop Qosmio F750 represents 3D without glasses. The Clou: 2D and 3D content are displayed at the same time. 3D-notebook Toshiba Qosmio F750 Toshiba extends its Qosmio F750 series a powerful 3D-Laptop. For the first time, the manufacturer in this series 2670 m2 Intel uses the core i7 processor with four cores. That actually his 3D-Eigenschaft however, are highlight of the notebook: the Qosmio F750 11U has a 15.6 inches (39.6 cm) large display with full HD resolution, which displays 3D without glasses compulsion. Also, the notebook offers the possibility to present 2D and 3D on the screen at the same time as you see in the video. The laptop is also capable of 2D images in 3D to convert. Continue reading

New Netflix-Feature Limits Data Usage

Now you no longer need to bet the entire data package when you stream on the go with Netflix.

Video streaming is one of the great dataslugere when the monthly mobile data usage is calculated. There is clearly a problem with Netflix users, where the highest HD-quality streaming can gobble up a typical data package on the 10 GB in under 4 hours.

In order to limit the benighted data packets, introduce streaming giant today a new feature into their app. Now you can even determine where high quality must be when you stream on the mobile network-a feature which means that you can stream up to 10 times longer per GB.

Netflix update is out today, and is available by downloading the latest version of either iOS or Android app.

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New USB C Standard Can Save Your Electronics

The reversible USB C Jack is rich in opportunities, but is not always safe to use. Software from the USB-IF the Consortium now removes the dangers.

The practical, reversible USB C connector begins slowly gaining ground in today’s electronics market. The new standard is not on benefits, by offering lightning fast charging and data transfer as well as new features.

But the new standard is not quite in order for childhood diseases, in the worst case scenario questionable cables Raja your electronics. It had a Google engineer learn on their own, when his Chromebook Pixel burned together due to a third-party USB cable that did not meet specifications.

In order to respond to the threat of cheap cables that do not meet the requirements, the Consortium behind the melder USB standard, USB-IF the USB C future may carry out a security check of the cable before transferring power. Continue reading

Elgiganten Collector and Takes over the Fona

After 90 years of Fona stores is an era past. Elgiganten buyer for the last remnants of the Fona and make 10 of the stores into its own department stores.

90 years of history is soon over for Fona-store chain, which has struggled to find ground in a market with prices squeezed entirely in bottomed and a cd sale, there are dead out as a result of the music stream.

After the reconstruction since February have Fona tried to find a solution, which is approximately two months later ended with a large proportion of the stores had to close and turn off. All 48 of the 90-year-old company’s 56 stores and the corresponding 280 employees must be dismissed in order to get the store chain to survive, said for two weeks ago. Continue reading

USB Hub 10 Ports

Not be as you will be your at home or at work, but my laptop which is all that I use for work and “pleasure” only has two USB ports, something that frustrates me because whenever I have two ports busy always I have to connect a third, but many times when you have occupied three USB connections you need a fourth. If you’re like me who already practically to your microwave is USB, you might need this.

It is a port USB hub for 2.0 and 3.0, but with 10 connections available, for what your want. This place in like a power strip, even resembles one. Obviously you need to connect it to a power supply to use 10 connections, but not this bad, leave aside all the concetradores that you can see.

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How to Decide Which Smartphone to Buy?

Choose which smartphone to buy is not an easy decision and involves dozens of variables, since the price of the appliance until the pseudo status the same. Evaluating critical way we can say that if someone considers it necessary to change your smartphone by a better version, any device released after, in the same category will be a breakthrough. But is that really necessary?

The price is the main limiting factor when buying a new smartphone. Just talking about Android, today (jul 2012) the Galaxy S3 is the best device available in Brazil, but it costs at least 1600 reais in stores through the internet, and can easily go from 2000 actual carriers or large verejistas. With 1200 real is possible to buy a Galaxy S2, which is also a great device but don’t have the promise of receiving the 4 Android version officially. For those who love technology and want to always have the newer functions on your unit, this is a major obstacle. Another interesting device, Samsung’s Galaxy also Nexus, created in partnership with Google and that will certainly receive all new Androids. There is still a huge variety of other brands and operating systems to compose this list from phone to computer. With so many options, how to choose a smartphone to be purchased?

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