Plugbug Chargers From Twelve South Takes On A World Tour

PlugBug World from Twelve South are made for those who often travel, and is the perfect companion for those who require maximum comfortable transport of their devices, which must be recharged daily.

Plugbug Chargers From Twelve South Takes On A World Tour

PlugBug World charger
With five different international plug, you can quickly charge your iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPad mini and Mac no matter where you are in the world (Continental Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan and many other countries). This product costs $3.90. Is it worth the price? Yes, when you consider the quality of the product (the usual high quality from Twelve South), the comfortable transport, practical use and the possibility of using five adaptors for international electrical outlet.

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4 Myths And Truths About The Tablet And Mobile Batteries

“Battery problems” has become something we focus on, when it comes to smartphones, tablets or laptops. Today we write more about some myths and rumors about batteries.

Mobile battery

We’ve talked with our experienced technicians here, and got answers to some of the most common questions about batteries.

# 1 It is better to charge the battery after it has been emptied

Wrong. Modern batteries are Lithium-ion batteries (also called for Li-ion and LIB), and there is no “memory effect”, which means that you don’t have to worry about the battery, if you want to charge the device. It’s fine to charge the battery at any time.

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NAVIGON Design Car Kit for Samsung Galaxy S

NAVIGON Design Car Kit for Galaxy S is useful accessories for all who use its Galaxy S for navigation.

NAVIGON Design Car Kit makes sure that your Samsung I9000 Galaxy S remains protected. Holder shall be done easily with a suction cup, which has a smooth surface. The surface of the suction cup makes it possible to attach the holder to the car’s window, which means that your Samsung I9000 Galaxy S will always be available. Car Kitten includes lets cable (Micro USB) which can be connected to the cigarette lighter was in your car, which means that you can charge your Galaxy S, while you’re on the go.

NAVIGON Design Car kit for Galaxy S

Car kit for Galaxy S

With the right Samsung I9000 Galaxy S accessories will also become your car much nicer. This practical Car Kit consists of a Samsung Galaxy S I9000 mounting device and a designer suction cup which is used with a mount, which also includes a car charger as charging your Samsung Galaxy while running.

NAVIGON Design car kit with charger

NAVIGON Design car kit with charger

The package includes:

* Samsung I9000 Galaxy S mounting device
* Car holder with suction cup
* Car Charger

Compatible with:
* S Galaxy Samsung I90000

About Navigon: NAVIGON is a German manufacturer of GPS devices. All Navigon products are characterized by the innovative technology and exciting design. NAVIGON also manufacture GSP software to reputable manufacturers of electronics and professional, flexible navigation solutions for the commercial market.