Denon AH-C260R In-Ear Headphones

After the only few months lasting usability of the Griffin SmartTalk, it was time to look for something more durable. On the wishlist was an InEar headphones with remote control option for iPhone and Co at a price of about 50 euros. After the sound good experiences I first looked at the offer of Sennheiser. The Sennheiser MM 70i offers a remote control, an unbalanced cable and would also be acceptable from the price, but unfortunately a straight jack plug. And exactly one was so far each time the “death sentence” for the SmartTalk, since at this always the cable break occurred. In the end, I decided for the Denon AHC-260R , with which the cable does not run at the neck, but otherwise my wish list was fulfilled.

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Cut the Wires

20 different bluetooth headsets in the test. From the smallest to the largest design headsets music headphones. By Tomas Nilsson

A few years ago, bluetooth headset a product for technology freaks who are not part of that look as if they escaped from the set of a science fiction movie with low budget. Today, there is something for all tastes. With the A2DP bluetooth profile, you get stereo sound and music in the headset, and you will find six different stereo headset in this test. All headsets are tested against mobiles Nokia N80, Sony Ericsson K610i and against a computer with Toshiba bluetooth stack. Continue reading

Fostex AR-4i iPhone 4 Audio Interface

AR-4i is an audio-interface for the iPhone 4 dock-contact. AR-4i is an iPhone accessory that has HD video and audio recording via your iPhone 4. The supplied microphone can be rotated and are set up in many different ways and configurations. This way you get the best possible sound quality.

AR-4i 4 is designed for your iPhone can record audio and HD video recording in high quality.

We have already seen zoom, wide angle/macro, microscope lenses and panoramic cameras on iPhone, along with an adapter which makes that people can use their existing SLR lenses. But photographers can now go a step further with iPhone 4 AR-4i Fostex audio interface.

Fostex AR-4i iPhone 4 Audio Interface

Fostex AR-4i iPhone 4 audio interface

It is very simple to install and connect the interface to the phone. With the screw holes on the sides and bottom, is AR-4i mounted on a tripod, or mounted on the included handle in aluminum. Interface has two AAA batteries, which provide 10 hours of use. The device can also use an external power source via a USB connection.

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Bluetooth Headset – Victoria Wave

Today we present Novero’s collection of Victoria Bluetooth headsets. These products serve both as a beautiful piece of jewelry made of pearls, gold, diamonds, silver, etc. The parts of the headset are not made of expensive materials are made of silicone. Victoria Series consists of five Bluetooth headset models (one for men): Victoria Wave, Lapis, Pearl, Victor and Stripes.

Victoria Wave headset

Features and benefits:
-Supports Bluetooth 2.1 and hands-free Profile 1.5
– Filters out background noise and echo from via DSP technology
– Easy to connect: After the first time you connect the headset will automatically connect to the device each time
-Talk time: up to 4 hours
-Standby time: About 100 hours
– Charging through Micro-USB connection
-Compatible with: All devices that support Bluetooth

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Review and Win a Bluedio N76 Bluetooth Headset

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Bluedio N76 Bluetooth Headset

Review and win a Bluedio N76 Bluetooth Headset

Wind Bluedio N76 Bluetooth Headset

Rewards all bloggers as:

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Noise Cancelling Titan Headset from Skullcandy

SkullCandy Titan is a very attractive pair of in-ear earphones. The headphones have a chrome finish and are available in different colors. Metal cover provides a style filled design to the headset. Cable is transparent and comes with a nylon bag with ear pads made of silicone. The cable has a volume control on the Center, which is also made of metal. Follow this link to find detail. The ear cushions are supplied in three different sizes to fit everyone.

SkullCandy Titan Noise Cancelling Headphones

– Your speaker diameter: 11 mm.
-Magnet type: NdFeB
-Frequency response: 20-20 k Hz
-Impedance: 16 ohms
– Maximum input power: 100 mW
-Cable length: 1.3 meters
– Connection: 3.5 mm.

Titan has a 3.5 mm headset jack connector so it can be used with most music devices, MP3 players and laptop computers. Like other products from Skullcandy, so are Titan a modern music device with a good design. The headset provides a very high and clear sound, even at maximum volume. Isolation feature works very efficiently and removes the background sound.

Noise Cancelling Titan Headset from Skullcandy