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Conclusions of the Major Reviews of the Apple Watch

Now that lucky media have had a test unit have published their reviews on the Apple Watch, it is collecting all the conclusions that have been drawn and put them next to other. Because everyone can have an opinion very fixed on what don has lived the watch, but nothing better to compare them and try to draw conclusions.

If you look, the sensations vary quite according to the person who has tried them: who says battery is too poor and there are who defends arguing that it gives for a whole day and even left-over load. But in the final conclusions, although they are not nailed, there is some common denominator.

It is not essential. It is a first step. You want it, but you need it. Everyone seems to agree that the Apple smartWatch is going to be an accessory that many will be purchased, but that more that users will have pioneers, Guinea pigs that Apple will be well attentive to see which applications are that more are on the clock once is in the streets.

That is why the decision to buy it is in one’s own feelings, and whether has saved conscientiously or not. We will begin to know more opinions at the end of the month.

The VergeBloombergYahoo! TechNew York TimesRecodeWall Street Journal

Appearance and comfort “Masterpiece, more rounded than I expected” “Clean, solid, latest technology” “Pure jewelry” “Far from perfect, with failures of early generations” “It resembles a miniature iPhone” “Sufficiently nice and small to carry it well”
Price “Expensive, would not go to spend money” “Apple expects an important moment with those prices” “Some belts are more expensive than the own clock” “It’s not cheap” “The expensive models are not worth”
Interface “Confusing until you learn how to use it” “The ultimate you can have on your wrist” “Very smooth, you learn it you as you use it” “At the beginning is very complex” “Remarkably easy to use, reminiscent of the experience of the first iPhone” “The perfect screen for many things that we do on the iPhone”
Notifications “They keep your iPhone in your Pocket” “Can drive you crazy at the beginning” “You can do shut up the clock by covering it with the hand” “Designed for people flooded daily by notifications” “Feeling of wanting to remove each notification that appears” “Help you to be more productive”
Apple Pay “The best function of Apple Watch” “Well suited to clock to lock when you get it Doll” “Magical, as having a key that opens doors to the world on your wrist” “It really cool” “A great idea”
Watchfaces “I miss buy other styles besides the Apple” [Objective description of each option to customize] “You can get rid of the burden of notifications easily”
Emoticons “Super rare, live nightmares” “Forced, lacking of authenticity” “Create an intimacy of long distance never seen until now” “Disturbing, either you love them or hate them”
Fitness “No closer to a solution, but the future promises” “Do you want to move more, going in the right direction” “Watch learn how are your steps, is great” “I like to remind you that you must move” “Notices have liked, and I want to meet the achievements that proposes”
Battery “Lasts just for a day” “You have to charge it every night, so you can not monitor your dream” “It meets the 18 hours that promises” “Lasts all day, but in extremis”
Final conclusions “You don’t spend money, buy the cheap” “You want one, but you don’t need it, yet it is not essential” “A luxury, a pleasure for the techies” “A natural extension of your body” “The smartwatches utility is not proven, but Apple Watch is the best bet.” “For pioneers, there is still that refine it”

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