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Bloomberg: the Next Apple Watch Will Have GPS

If you thought that all the “love” in the world of Apple Rumors focused on the next MacBook Pro and iPhone, you are wrong. According to Mark Gurman writing for Bloomberg, Apple is trying to to the new generation of your smart watch is much more independent. They may apparently and according to their sources, the ambitions of Apple not met all this year.

More health and independence of the iPhone

Apple plans for the next generation of the Apple Watch involve at least two new hardware components: a GPS and a cellular radio. On numerous occasions, it has been argued that Apple Watch should have debuted with GPS. In this way, the athletes more enthusiasts or professionals could use it to track and measure more accurately his exercises.

Despite not having GPS chip, Apple is able to measure the distances and location with relative accuracy. This is possible thanks to the calibration of the device as well as via WiFi triangulation. But that is not enough and Apple wanted to push this functionality in the next generation of the Apple Watch.

The objective of the Cupertino company is reduce dependence on your smart iPhone clock. Make it more autonomous of the product the company star. GPS would be an interesting to your arsenal of hardware addition, although it would not be at the height of a cellular radio.

According to Gurman, Apple not has been able to integrate this component within the Apple Watch 2 without affecting the autonomy of the device too. By my experience, the current generation holds perfectly day and half long without charge. Two if you turn off at night. For this reason, the battery is not a problem in the first generation of Apple clock.

However, a cellular radio requires more attention in terms of battery. Have it could break the chains that bind it to the iPhone, making it completely independent to work small as receiving notifications and messages as well as make FaceTime Audio calls.

A watchOS 3 which focuses on the best clock

Discussions about future hardware aside, what we do know is what will bring watchOS 3 September. Apple Watch has enough RAM memory, According to confirmed executives Phil Schiller Apple and Craig Federighi. The new version will allow the clock make more free that memory use to win in speed and opening of apps.

In addition, Apple has focused much more on areas. We will have new way to change them quickly as well as a greater selection of them. Also to grow the number of complications, we will have up to nine more. In terms of series apps, We will have five new: Take a breath, do breathing exercises; Home, to control home automation; Reminders, as its equivalent of the iPhone; Find friends; and heart rate.

For the next generation of the Apple Watch and watchOS 3, the Cupertino company has focused on the most popular: the physical monitoring

One of the aspects that most has become popular among users is the physical monitoring. We will have three new areas focused on the activity that we perform every day, new complications related to sport as well as the possibility of competing with our contacts in physical effort.

We will also have a way to call the emergency services from the clock, we are the country that we are. Finally, one of the features Apple Watch star: Auto Unlock. With her and a compatible Mac, we can unlock it just to bring us closer. Without passwords. Without Touch ID.

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