Microsoft Office Will Reach Android Officially in March 2013

Since a few months ago is comes speculating the expansion of Microsoft in operating systems other than Windows, sineod iOS and Android the most desired by its great expansion on the market. It had a long rumored arrival, particularly since the end of may, and seems to be that if it isn’t a disgrace Microsoft Office for Android will become a reality. Continue reading

Word Lens Finally Comes to Android

I remember when announced the iPhone with the slogan “an app there is to that” finding myself with a real time translator through the camera. It was of Word Lens and it offered an experience that had not achieved with Android in terms of real time translation and functionality, and that really made me feel discriminated against by having of Android, but luckily that time is running out. Continue reading

Google Translate Is Updated with Integration to Ice Cream Sandwich and More Languages

It is more than obvious that if Google wants to encourage developers to take a more careful and consistent with each version of the Android interface, it must be herself who preached the example and not have their applications in the slovenliness. For this reason it has updated the Google Translator one design more consistent with Ice Cream Sandwich. Continue reading

Dropbox Is Updated and Allows The Automatic Ascent of Photos and Videos in The Background

Dropbox It has become in their own right in one of the most widely used file in the cloud services. Every so often they are introducing interesting useful news, in addition to users of mobile devices, and more specifically Android, they treat us very well. In fact, the latest update of the application introduced many improvements. Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed Identity Finally Comes to Android, Its First Action RPG Game for Mobiles

After several months of delay, Ubisoft Finally it brings to our mobile devices the first action RPG of the acclaimed series Assassin’s Creed game. The expected game Assassin’s Creed Identity is already on sale in Google Play the price of 4.99 EUR, with included integrated shopping. Continue reading

Android 4.0 Is Already Present in 25.8% of Devices, Only 4.1 Android in 2.7%

Google returns timely again and a few hours ago updated like every beginning of the month the distribution of Android updates. Data were collected over a period of 14 days ending yesterday 1 of November.

Currently one of every four Android devices that are on the market carry Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), specifically, 25.8% carry Android 4.0. The upcoming release of version, 4.1 Android (Jelly Bean) This present only in the 2,7%. These two versions are the only ones that have gained market share. Continue reading

The Monthly Rate of Vodafone Live Will Become Weekly for The Prepayment

As of July 15 the monthly flat rate of Vodafone live! for prepaid customers becomes weekly raising your price indirectly though it may be a some leave you more profitable this new way of pricing.

Prepaid customers can continue accessing to from the mobile internet with this rate, but automatically, all customers who have activated the monthly fee, will begin them to apply the new weekly fee to access Vodafone live more times a week. Continue reading