Asus EeePC X 101: Extra-Thin NetBook with MeeGo OS

Flat and slightly

The EeePC has slimmed down: the X 101 ASUS measures 1.7 cm at the thinnest point, weighing just 920 grams and costs 169 euro. As far as the positive effects of the diet. But the diet was also on the interfaces: the X 101 has no Ethernet connector (LAN), only two USB 2.0 ports and no VGA, let alone HDMI port. But there is a microSD card reader and bitter is necessary.

SSD memory instead of hard drive

N435 Atom processor (1.33 GHz) with one gigabyte of memory, the device represents a typical NetBook configuration. The graphics produce a GMA 3150 chipset from Intel. Instead of a conventional hard drive, the X 101 has a SSD Flash memory with a capacity of eight gigabytes. Compared to a traditional hard drive, a solid-state memory is faster against shocks less sensitive, approachable and completely noiseless. However, the space is quickly filled to 50 per cent. Especially movie lovers have to Dodge so on microSD cards; These are allowed up to 32 gigabytes in size. Continue reading

Tres Hotmail Service

Three surpasses their own Hotmail service

Tres service for Hotmail on your cell phone although the ports during the usual e-menu in your phone, but it is really about a small java program that takes care of everything. The main advantage is that you as a user will receive a message to your phone when a new e-mail message to the Hotmail address. You don’t need to check their email actively, but instead become alerted to the message, just like when you get a text message.

The same technique using Three of its program for chat, MSN Messenger. Continue reading

100 Million Users Already Have New Hotmail

The new Hotmail is there in the square for those who are lucky enough to win the lottery Microsoft and is chosen to use it: more than 100 million users can now access the service, while many more millions will still wait a few weeks. MS explained that the new Hotmail is added to clusters, so no matter the country or service language. The next step is to release the Exchange ActiveSync (for synchronization of contacts, messages and calendar with smartphones).


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Facebook: Half a Billion Users!

As expected, the Facebook arrived today to the incredible milestone of 500 million registered users. Mark Zuckerberg made ​​the announcement, thanking the community that helped the FB to grow so much. Taking advantage of the date, the CEO also invited users to use the application site Gametate – integrated into the mapping service Microsoft – to tell stories related to social networking. The video charismatic Zuckerberg you find here.

Twitter Uses BitTorrent on Servers to Update Site

For being a site used by millions of people every day, the Twitter can not afford to go off the air. From time to time the whale appears for some users, but in general it is always available for most of them. And today a post on the site engineers blog reported how they manage to stay on active duty while implementing new lines of code: using BitTorrent. Continue reading

Pirate Bay Goes Down, Probably Not Last

The lawsuit filed by Hollywood studios against the last of the Pirate Bay server worked. The site was taken down this morning and by the time of publication of this post had not been back online. According to the site administrators reported to Torrent Freak, the bay of pirates is down but they will not expect a decision of justice to put it back on the web. As the servers where the files were not affected, it is just a matter of finding a new provider to provide routing and wait for the domain DNS new spread around the world. This should happen in the next 24 hours on Financedns.


Students Create Diaspora, the “Facebook with Privacy”

If you are one of those paranoid for privacy and think hopes that Google will not find all the details of your life one time or another, have probably stopped using Facebook in recent weeks. The social network has been heavily criticized due to changes in privacy settings enabled for it. Some even came to delete their accounts for fear that personal data would stop the wrong hands.

Continue reading

Twitter Begins to Activate Retweet Feature

In August we disclose the plans that Twitter had to make the Retweet (the act of re-publish something that was posted on twitter) an official function available on the web interface and its API to allow developers to integrate it in their applications. Today, according to the official company blog, they activated the new feature for a small group of test users. One sent function of images to Mashable. Continue reading