GPS Is Coming More to a Decent Heart Rate Monitor

Yesterday the much awaited Apple Keynote where new products were advertised. Apart from the iPhone 7, athletes we can interest the Apple Watch Series 2, which already comes with GPS, making it a more serious option to consider as heart rate monitor training.

The integrated GPS is everything nowadays in a heart rate monitor

Nowadays almost everyone leaves with a gadget to run or train. But normally salts or a heart rate monitor with a smartphone, but it is rare that charge up with two things at the same time.

Until now, if you wanted to use the Apple Watch as heart rate monitor, you had to take your phone in tow if you wanted to know the distance and travel data, something nothing practical to who take environment seriously going to train. With a built-in GPS everything changes, only need the clock, taking into account that the chest strap is not necessary because keystrokes are directly measured at the wrist.

Measurement of pulse in the wrist, GPS, resistance to water and accelerometer make Apple Watch Series 2 a competent monitor.

Also be water resistant and incorporating a accelerometer, It gives many possibilities for the different water sports and the development of applications.

An interesting option for those who want a smartwatch and, also, a heart rate monitor

I know that an Apple Watch still not equates to a high heart rate monitor, missing several more specific features that are many essential to perform your workouts.

But for anyone who wants to a more or less complete heart rate monitor and a smartwatch, You can find the ideal gadget in Apple Watch. More, taking into account that you can also do the times of quantifier, so we will not only obtain data training, also of daily activity and sleep.

Sports applications ecosystem is a point much of Apple

Taking into account the army of developers having Apple back, they won’t take out very useful applications of training. This is a very in favor of Apple.

In a standard heart rate monitor, it does not usually have many changes or updates with respect to the initial model. However, an Apple Watch will always count with new applications and operating system updates improve our training in one or more sports.

It seems that Apple has realized (finally) of the potential that has in the world of sport

Taking into account that everyone likes to quantify training, Apple has been too slow in getting a more powerful clock that made the times of heart rate monitor. If from the beginning has opted for the quantification, but heart rate measurement and GPS were necessary if he wanted to make the leap to a more involved in sport full public.

Apple Watch Series 2 is an option to consider for who wants a heart rate monitor environment along with a smartwatch.

Perhaps the price)369€) are rather high for someone who just wants a heart rate monitor, because for that price can be purchased one of high-end complete any other brand, but we must keep in mind that Apple Watch is not only a heart rate monitor, also offers the functionality of a smartwatch.

Apple-Nike Alliance continues: Apple Watch Nike +

In this second edition of the Apple Apple Watch also has opted for Nike, creating the Edition: Apple Watch Nike + and the restultado that we see is a pretty nice sports watch as we see in the cover image, with belts and specific areas to make the sport more comfortable.

Nor is missing series App Nike + Run Club, with which you can create running community and improve your workouts. It can be said that the Alliance of two large Apple and Nike still bearing fruit.

Conclusions about the Apple Watch Series 2 and their potential in the world of sport

From my point of view, include GPS, that is submersible, pulse at wrist and the presence of an accelerometer, make Apple Watch Series 2 and, in particular, of the Apple Watch Nike +, a heart rate monitor to consider, especially for lovers athletes of technology who want a heart rate monitor and more (smartwatch).

If we are only interested in training and high performance data, Apple Watch may be short, Although it remains to be seen the applications that are getting developers and potential in training.

according to,It is clear that €369 is a considerable amount to disburse, but there is the option of each in rating for that price you would a heart-rate monitor from any sports brand high-end or if it compensates for an Apple Watch, which is all a smartwatch a pretty decent heart rate monitor.

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