And The Best of The 2017 MWC Android Was…

Already it is passing the aftermath of so many new products, presented last week at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. And with distance comes time to reflect, determine what has been the most interesting, the best we’ve seen. Of course, always thinking in our favorite operating system, Android.

Many argue that it has been a decaffeinated MWC. Perhaps because Samsung has not presented its flagship for this year. But the truth is that there have been many new developments. Brands such as LG and Huawei have presented their top terminals for this year. Sony has renewed his also, returning to the two high ranges per year. And Nokia has returned, coming to Android at once for all. So no, has not been a very decaffeinated MWC, the truth is that it still has enough pull despite the general decline in technology fairs. Continue reading

How Should The Convergent Offer Be Vodafone TV to Compete with Fusion?

Tomorrow, Vodafone has a unique opportunity. After having disbursed 7,200 million euros to become with the fixed network able to give the country most extensive high-speed connections, in the hands of ONO, is time to get out. It does not seem a complicated task and has everything to please, because along with the fixed network you have the 4 G fastest in the world. Continue reading

Vodafone Raises Gigas and Adds More Services in Their New Rates in Exchange for Higher Fees

Waiting for a new converged offering from Vodafone with ONO whose details we will visit next Wednesday, today Vodafone ahead of their new rates for customers only-mobile It will be available beginning April 20. As he said the CEO of Vodafone during MWC this year it seems that the time to raise prices in Spain now and although Movistar had beaten him, it is now Vodafone which announces its new rates Mini and Smart network.

New rates that are accompanied by services that were developed at the MWC as the backup to Dropbox, SecureNet serving anti-virus network-level and enriched over LTE calls that will arrive in June with Call+. Continue reading

Nougat Is Six Months and So Fast (Or Slow) Is Unfolding with Respect to Previous Versions

Tomorrow met six months since Google submit Android 7.0 Nougat and is a good time to see How’s fast (or slow, as you see) is unfolding among those who choose Android as a mobile operating system.

To make this analysis have a great advantage is that, since December 2009, Google provides Android versions data circulating. And this data provides month-to-month (only skipped three months since then). The only downside is that the page showing the market share of Android has no historic, but we managed to recover them from the beginning. Continue reading

Google Store Now Tea Allows You to Change The Country to Send a Device to Another Part of The World

Update 03/08/2017: Google Store has officially announced this new service of your store through social networks. Now you can send a device anywhere in the world where Google Store is present.

In many pages webs and multinational shops is very normal to find in the header or in the footer the flag of our country that pressed allows us to change the country itself is incorrect, flag and language that is showing, or if we want to check another country store to see the products that are offered there or for make a purchase in that country. Continue reading

Prices Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy Edge with Vodafone

Continue to receive news on prices that will go on sale new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy edge along with the rates operators and after having met both Movistar and Orange, is now the turn of Vodafone that it is also available in presale from today in order to receive it from April 10.

Both smartphones include Samsung promoting your early booking direct gift of a pack of accessories valued in about 80 euros that includes a Clear Cover sleeve and wireless charger Wireless Luxury without additional cost. Continue reading

HTC Prices One M9 with Vodafone

Two of the leading manufacturers of smartphones have chosen the month of April to put on sale its new ship logo and if you had already detailed prices for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge with operators, now begin to arrive the prices of the HTC One M9, this time with Vodafone. The top 100 will receive a wireless portable speaker Flip2 JBL offering a sound enriched for cordless phones and tablets. Continue reading

Xiaomi Already Has Hugo Bar Replacement: Manu Jain, Head of Xiaomi India

While is still far from the often-promised international expansion over the past years, Xiaomi has managed to become one of the Chinese brands of reference around the world, and much of this was made possible by the work of Hugo Barra.

But Hugo Barra is no longer at the company. Last January, who in his day was the Vice President of Google announced their final departure of Xiaomi to embark on a new adventure on Facebook (this days later learned it). Many were the doubts that woke up after the announcement, but in Xiaomi have not expected much to find you a substitute. The lucky one is Manu Jain, Xiaomi India repsonsable. Continue reading

ONO Brand Will Not Die (For Now): Vodafone The Remains as “Fiber Ono”

More than one year after Vodafone announced, after long and tense negotiations, the purchase of ONO for 7,200 million euros today finally have seen the first offer that truth It integrates the fixed network of the acquired with the mobile and other services of the Red operator. The convergent offer name is Vodafone One, without trace of ONO, but this will not disappear. Continue reading

Vodafone Is Aims to Give a Second Line with Smartphone Including ADSL or Fiber

We had already seen proposals such as Jazztel, MÁSMOVIL and Orange to they gave a second mobile line next to its convergent offer from a year ago but has not been so far when Vodafone He responded even though it does so shyly with an exclusive promotion online during the month of March, but with the difference of include free smartphone. Continue reading

Android Strengthens His Reign in 2016 with Almost 82% Market Share, According to Gartner

Mobile platforms cake is distributed quite unequally is nothing new. Every time there is less mobile systems and only a few manage to ascend to the ranking of the most popular. And of course, top of the list, in the first place, our beloved Android platform is.

The operating system for mobile Google continues strengthening its leading position quarter-after-quarter and the latest figures from Gartner do if not elevate even further. At the end of 2016, Android is already installed on nearly 82% of mobile devices, leaving the rest to share between iOS and other minority options. Continue reading

Office 4G from Vodafone, Your First Bet by Mobile Data More and More Unlimited

Talking about possible alternatives to replace ADSL or fiber with a connection to the mobile internet, Vodafone joins the initiative with Office 4G, a proposal for a time exclusively for self-employed customers and companies do not have ADSL or fiber coverage in your office or do not have a fixed headquarters because they work in mobility. Continue reading

Vodafone Welcomes Voice over LTE Call + and Enriched Calls

The calls on networks of fourth generation (or voLTE) they will be reality this 2015. Movistar made a first demonstration of what would be its arrival in the MWC in 2013 while Vodafone announced its intentions to bring them in the meeting of Telecom last September in Santander. Today Vodafone have given us all the details on this first day of MWC 2015. Continue reading

Secure Net, The Antivirus from Vodafone a Level of Network to Protect All Users

Continue expanding the information following the introduction of the first news of Vodafone announced this MWC 2015 that you have made strides on twitter taking the step now to Secure Net, Service pioneer with which the operator protect all clients of virus and unsafe websites using phishing techniques or could contain malware. Continue reading