100 Million Users Already Have New Hotmail

The new Hotmail is there in the square for those who are lucky enough to win the lottery Microsoft and is chosen to use it: more than 100 million users can now access the service, while many more millions will still wait a few weeks. MS explained that the new Hotmail is added to clusters, so no matter the country or service language. The next step is to release the Exchange ActiveSync (for synchronization of contacts, messages and calendar with smartphones).


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New Samsung App Gives Android-Designed a Wild Transformation

Samsung unveils the official app, Good Lock that modifies the Android-designed for something you’ve never seen before, where any hook can be customized.

In relation to the way in which Google originally intended that Android will take care off, Samsung has already made quite a few design changes with TouchWiz user interface for all Galaxy models.

If it’s still not enough, you can now transform Android user interface even more with a simple app that Samsung has now officially launched, after it has been in Samsung’s “Galaxy Apps” store in a few weeks.

The app goes under the name Good Lock and change practically everything that applies to the interface-not only colors, but the actual layout of the basic elements and features of Android. The biggest changes are in the lock screen and in the notification Panel.

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Apple Invite to WWDC Event in June

Apple’s annual developer messe is fixed. See where you need to put your calendar here.

Apple’s digital Secretary, Siri, can tell something that Apple have not told yet.

Asked you search Assistant on when Apple will hold its annual WWDC developer exhibition last night, the answer came: WWDC will be held from the 13. to 17.June in San Francisco. She could at the same time say how she welcomes.

Apple has since made the invitations official, and will from the 22. April hold an annual lottery, where interested parties can sign up to buy a ticket. Single tickets will this year run up in 1,599 American dollars, or roughly 10,500 Danish kroner. Continue reading

Facebook: Half a Billion Users!

As expected, the Facebook arrived today to the incredible milestone of 500 million registered users. Mark Zuckerberg made ​​the announcement, thanking the community that helped the FB to grow so much. Taking advantage of the date, the CEO also invited users to use the application site Gametate – integrated into the mapping service Microsoft – to tell stories related to social networking. The video charismatic Zuckerberg you find here.

Telecommunications Company Wins Customer Service Award 2016

CBB Mobil can pride itself on having the most satisfied customers, establishes analysis company.

Looking for a telecommunications company that is strong on customer service, the CBB Mobil well be the company who can offer the best service.

CBB Mobil is, in fact, been named as the winner of the ‘ Customer service Award 2016 ‘-a price that is assigned to the Danish company that delivers the best service both digital and by telephone.
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Twitter Uses BitTorrent on Servers to Update Site

For being a site used by millions of people every day, the Twitter can not afford to go off the air. From time to time the whale appears for some users, but in general it is always available for most of them. And today a post on the site engineers blog reported how they manage to stay on active duty while implementing new lines of code: using BitTorrent. Continue reading

Huawei P9 Gets Interesting Little Brother to Sharp Price

Huawei’s newest star mobile, Huawei P9, gets an interesting little brother for almost half the price.

A new budget strong mobile from China’s Huawei lurking on the horizon. Already the day after Huaweis launch of the two flagship phones, P9 and P9 Plus, it sounded to an intermediate variant was in the pipeline.

The rumors are confirmed now from the other side of the French trade giant, FNAC, which has now got 3 models of P9 Lite turned up in their internal storage system. The three models covering over three color variants: black, white and gold. It writes gsmarena.

The French store, confirms at the debut Prize, which will land at 299 Euro, equal to about 2,250 kronor. It is therefore likely that the P9 Lite either will match price rented at P8Lite if intropri at the time sounded at 2,199 crowns.

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Pirate Bay Goes Down, Probably Not Last

The lawsuit filed by Hollywood studios against the last of the Pirate Bay server worked. The site was taken down this morning and by the time of publication of this post had not been back online. According to the site administrators reported to Torrent Freak, the bay of pirates is down but they will not expect a decision of justice to put it back on the web. As the servers where the files were not affected, it is just a matter of finding a new provider to provide routing and wait for the domain DNS new spread around the world. This should happen in the next 24 hours on Financedns.


Google’s Android N get 3D Touch function

En Apple feature sniger sig nu ind i Google kommende Android-software til smartphones

When Google launches Android 4.3, also known as Android N, in autumn it will give new opportunities to take advantage of pressure-sensitive displays.

Today is the feature most commonly known as Apple’s ‘3D Touch’, where a fixed pressure on an icon or inside a supportive app provides smart shortcuts or new opportunities in our site’s games. The function differs from the existing ‘ Long Press ‘ feature by recording where fixed, rather than how long you press display.

Android N will be offering 3D Touch similar shortcuts dubbed ‘Launcher Shortcuts’. Android developers will be able to improve the operation of their apps using pressure-sensitive shortcuts. It writes our site.

Since stresses here that you should not expect wide support from neither app developers and mobile manufacturers.

The alternative Andoid-launcher, Launcher, however, already clear Nova with a 3D Touch experimental version of their alternative home screen.

Today exist only two Android smart phones with a built-in touch screen: the Chinese variant of Huawei Mate S and the newly announced Huawei P9 Plus which comes to Denmark in July.


Students Create Diaspora, the “Facebook with Privacy”

If you are one of those paranoid for privacy and think hopes that Google will not find all the details of your life one time or another, have probably stopped using Facebook in recent weeks. The social network has been heavily criticized due to changes in privacy settings enabled for it. Some even came to delete their accounts for fear that personal data would stop the wrong hands.

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Excessive Use of the Phone Can Cause Damage

Moderation is a virtue, and that is also true when we are talking about the use of mobile phones. So be sensitive to your body’s signals.

As the mobile phone has had its entry, and many will start using them in an earlier and earlier age, we also see another consequence, namely damage caused by mobile use.

One of the most commonly occurring disorders of the hand region, Tenosynovitis. As difficult as it is to say, equally unpleasant words is it to have. But tenosynovitis can often be cured simply by resting the region and make sure to keep the wrist in fairly calm, which can be hard enough in itself, as it may mean that you need to cut down on your hours with your phone.

Far worse is it, if you start getting symptoms of osteoarthritis, for it does not go away by itself. Osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear, and is a condition where the cartilage in the joints are destroyed. Thus ends one-in the worst cases-with that one’s bones rubbed against each other, and this makes nas. Osteoarthritis cannot be treated, but it can be stabilized by using our site which is to be taken as a dietary supplement.

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Overview: HTC 10 Launched, iPhone VIEW Test, Fona Sunset Sale

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was

This week saw new topmobil from HTC, HTC unveiled 10. The Taiwanese flagship mobile unites again delicious aluminium with top performance and toplyd, but rates in this generation to also provide an excellent camera experience-something which has long been missing with the company’s smartphones.

Read why below and see what HTC lures with, in their new topsmartphone.

HTC 10: all about HTC’s new topmobil
M’et in the name is deleted, and the flagship for the Taiwanese phone manufacturer called HTC 10.

HTC 10: the first meeting
HTC is back with yet another dynamite rod in brushed metal-a delicious metal mobile. Continue reading

Huawei Launches VR Headset to P9 and P9 Plus

Huawei will be on VR-wave and now launches virtual reality headset Huawei VR as a direct competitor to Samsung Gear VR.

It’s not just Samsung, which has its own virtual reality headset, Samsung Gear VR, for its top models. Now Chinese Huawei also brøste itself of the same, because the manufacturer has today unveiled the company’s own VR headset that works with the new top models Huawei P9 and P9 Plus. It writes Engadget.

In addition to being a direct competitor to Samsung’s Gear VR purely functional, there are also quite large similarities between them on the design front. There is therefore a large white brick, with a strap stuck on your head and covers your entire field of vision with the smart phone installed in the headset. Also the Huawei VR has a black front, which stands in contrast to the rest of the white headset.
Just as Samsung Gear VR sits there also a touch interface and a back button on one side, so that you, after all, still have the chance to make a bit of navigation in the games and apps you may use along with virtual reality headset. Continue reading