Samsung Galaxy S6

As happens every year, but with some another week of difference, Samsung Unveils its smartphone star of the season: the update of the Samsung Galaxy S. On this occasion, the new model has two versions: Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy Edge with curved screen, which will go on sale on April 10, and now they can be booked and are defined on

Without a doubt, this Samsung Galaxy S6 great strengths are a notable design change and a logical increase in the quality of its specifications. But it stands out as to be the great success of the year? Let’s review your details to the millimeter to check it.

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How to Decide Which Smartphone to Buy?

Choose which smartphone to buy is not an easy decision and involves dozens of variables, since the price of the appliance until the pseudo status the same. Evaluating critical way we can say that if someone considers it necessary to change your smartphone by a better version, any device released after, in the same category will be a breakthrough. But is that really necessary?

The price is the main limiting factor when buying a new smartphone. Just talking about Android, today (jul 2012) the Galaxy S3 is the best device available in Brazil, but it costs at least 1600 reais in stores through the internet, and can easily go from 2000 actual carriers or large verejistas. With 1200 real is possible to buy a Galaxy S2, which is also a great device but don’t have the promise of receiving the 4 Android version officially. For those who love technology and want to always have the newer functions on your unit, this is a major obstacle. Another interesting device, Samsung’s Galaxy also Nexus, created in partnership with Google and that will certainly receive all new Androids. There is still a huge variety of other brands and operating systems to compose this list from phone to computer. With so many options, how to choose a smartphone to be purchased?

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