Art Leather Carry Case And Holder For Your GPS

In a world full of shock and accidentally protects Tuff-Luv leather case and keeps your GPS art from everyday small accidents.

This great looking bag for Navman S50, S70, S80, S90, S90I and 3D are hand made from the finest artificial leather. This durable material makes Tuff-luvs for the perfect accessory bag for all who want to take good care of their products.

This faux leather carry case protects your satellite navigation equipment from shock that could damage your GPS.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace – Smart Mobile Purchases

Android mobile with new keyboard and impressive camera for a reasonable price

In recent months, Samsung Galaxy Android mobiles come in many different colors and shapes. Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 is one of them. Galaxy Ace has a five megapixel camera and takes good pictures in daylight. It is equipped with Turbo 3 g, DLNA, a 3.5.1″ large touchscreen and Android 2.2. The phone weighs just 113g and have dimensions: 59.9 x 11.5 mm x 112.4.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

The phone uses the Swype keyboard which means that you can enter text in two ways. You can either use the usual way and press the individual letters, or move your finger across the keyboard to write, for example, if you type the word “bra”, draw a line from “b” to “r” to “a”.

Samsung Galaxy Ace - Smart Mobile Purchases

* Manufacturer: Samsung
* Dimensions: 112.4 59.9 x 11 x 5 mm
* Weight: 113g

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Fostex AR-4i iPhone 4 Audio Interface

AR-4i is an audio-interface for the iPhone 4 dock-contact. AR-4i is an iPhone accessory that has HD video and audio recording via your iPhone 4. The supplied microphone can be rotated and are set up in many different ways and configurations. This way you get the best possible sound quality.

AR-4i 4 is designed for your iPhone can record audio and HD video recording in high quality.

We have already seen zoom, wide angle/macro, microscope lenses and panoramic cameras on iPhone, along with an adapter which makes that people can use their existing SLR lenses. But photographers can now go a step further with iPhone 4 AR-4i Fostex audio interface.

Fostex AR-4i iPhone 4 Audio Interface

Fostex AR-4i iPhone 4 audio interface

It is very simple to install and connect the interface to the phone. With the screw holes on the sides and bottom, is AR-4i mounted on a tripod, or mounted on the included handle in aluminum. Interface has two AAA batteries, which provide 10 hours of use. The device can also use an external power source via a USB connection.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Waiting For Its New Owner

Our “three months – three prizes”-competition started in July and so far we have drawn the winners of an impressive HTC One and an elegant iPad 4 Retina. Finally there is a new premium – Galaxy S III.

Galaxy S3 is Samsung’s top model in 2012. This unit is the first phone with an Exynos 4 Quad-processor. It has a beautiful – 4.8 inch 720 p Super AMOLED display, 1 GB RAM, and is only 8.6 mm thick.

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