Alcatel Pixi 3, a New Line of Smartphones

There are already few days for to begin the technology fair CES 2015, which will take place in Las Vegas between 6 and 9 January, but that does not prevent that there are some manufacturers who already are announcing some products that present in that instance. One of them is Alcatel, who aims to conquer the market with its new line of smartphones called Pixi 3.

This is equipment that will come in different screen sizes: 3.5, 4, 4.5 and 5 inches, and what is most interesting of all, they allow Choose the customer which mobile operating system you want to use: Windows Phone, Firefox OS or Android. Within the models to offer, all will include connectivity for 4 G/LTE, except of 3.5 inches, which will only support 3 g.

Unfortunately, according  to NAMPABUYER,still There are no details with regard to price or other specifications of these terminals, although it is very likely that the same CES is give us more information. Also is to see how will be the implementation of the support for multiple operating systems, do they sell different models for each platform? or can choose / change of operating system once we have bought the team? All this would have to be clarified at the technology fair in Las Vegas.

And from the perspective of Microsoft, clearly it is good that, in the absence of more specially designed equipment for Windows Phone, they start to appear simultaneous releases include this OS as option.

We will watch for further details on these terminals as soon as possible, and also to inform of other Windows and Windows Phone releases have a place in the CES 2015.

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