Use Siri in Apple Watch and Restrict Purchases Within Apps

This week has revealed more details of Apple Car, Apple celebrated the earth day and we met that the FBI did not find ‘nothing significant’ on iPhone 5 c of San Bernardino. Of course we could not finish these hectic days without sharing them with a new compilation One More Thing.

  • In the last days we met that WhatsApp now allows us to send documents in all formats to our contacts. Although this seems a useful function, it is just one of the multiple possibilities offered by this instant messaging app. The web site PacMac shares seven tips so we take advantage of this platform.
  • Sometimes, it is common that we pay him for a few minutes your iPhone, iPad or iPod to the smallest of the House that is distracting playing. Taking into account this situation, iOSMac published a recent post where he tells us How can we restrict purchases within apps in our iOS devices and Apple TV.
  • Listen to music while we work or study has its charm. However, sometimes we are listening to a list of recommendations in Apple or Beats One and then we want to know the name of a song we hear after losing her sight. To solve this situation, iOSMac shared a guide for that We learn to see the history of Apple Music Song.
  • If you have Apple Watch and I would love to use your smart watch Siri, This simple tutorial from iOSMac will help you to do it in a very practical way.
  • When you are working on your Mac and need to get up a few minutes of your post, many times you prefer to turn off the screen so no one cotorree what you’re doing. The site Faq-Mac teaches us to turn off the screen in OS X without sending the computer to rest.
  • You are deleting the photographs that you no longer need on your iPhone or iPad and suddenly notes between the cleaning you lost one or two images that you really mattered. News Watch shares with us a guide to retrieve those deleted on iPhone or iPad photos.

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