Three New Ads that You Desperately Want a Apple Watch

Apple Watch is here, or rather there. So far everything we knew Apple smart clock was what the company had told us of him or the result of the brief touchdown of a small number of journalists. That changes today, and following that traditional starting gun that have become the quarterings of iFixit, turn you speak to real users.

Apple wants that you fall in love with your watch, imagine using it each day in an intimate and transparent manner, and for this purpose has been prepared three quite film announcements to convince friends and strangers.


The first ad is about from the new ways to connect with others through the Apple Watch and is really aimed at couples with love as explicit subject: post messages, share the beat of your heart to tell someone you who remember it, get together pictures…


The second focuses on keep us active, not only in the gym, but in our day to day, reminding us that we lift up to stretch your legs from time to time and helping us to be healthier. By the way, someone recognizes Montjuïc or the metro of Barcelona? They make a cameo in the video.


The third and last tour around all the shapes that you can invest your time and how Apple Watch can help you in every moment thanks to its plenty of apps.

It is fortunate that the Apple Watch is not yet marketed in our country, or not would be writing this right now but running to the Apple Store to get one (or forgive me rather two, my partner not otherwise), but in any case, and posts to highlight a curious aspect of these ads… have you noticed at how they manage to capture three different emotions with the same song?

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