The Monthly Rate of Vodafone Live Will Become Weekly for The Prepayment

As of July 15 the monthly flat rate of Vodafone live! for prepaid customers becomes weekly raising your price indirectly though it may be a some leave you more profitable this new way of pricing.

Prepaid customers can continue accessing to from the mobile internet with this rate, but automatically, all customers who have activated the monthly fee, will begin them to apply the new weekly fee to access Vodafone live more times a week.

Rate weekly Vodafone live! for prepaid It includes 35 weekly connections (limited to 5 MB or 2 hours each) for € 1.9 (formerly amounted to 25 connections per week by 1.5€). You will be able to register marking 1131 # call key more and is renewed automatically every week until turned off by dialing * 113 # call key more.

Time, contract customers will continue to have the same conditions of tariff monthly flat but it would be nice if Vodafone would give another review to expand the number of connections including or leaving the newly released rate available for individuals you browse the PDA Plus for companies.

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