Swatch Sistem51 Irony Watch

The Swatch Sistem51 watch is definitely adorable and happens since its introduction on the market with different designs of dials. A novelty of these models was the fact that the automatic movement was entirely built by robots – for the first time in the world. This naturally affects the price.

Since 1983 the watches from Swatch are fully wrapped in plastic, which is the hallmark of this brand; plastic is so to speak firmly rooted in the DNA of the brand. Now, the manufacturer introduced the Swatch Sistem51 Irony – a stainless steel version. Swatch really so unthinkable, that it express already the name “irony.”
There is now no excuse not to buy this fabulous watch, because she became an adult.

The case, crown and bezel and according to the choice also bracelet, in short all external parts of the Swatch Sistem51 Irony are stainless steel. Only a few plastic inside the movement parts are in plastic, because the movement just as the inner construction have remained the same.
These watches are powered by the same movement as their brothers and safe plastic; a mechanical self-winding movement which has been designed and developed specially for the Sistem51. It offers an impressive reserve of 90 hours and comes completely from Switzerland – design, development and production. The development of the movement cost a lot of work, however its 51 components have been fully built automatically.Unlike other automatic movements, this movement is not designed to be disassembled and reassembled.

Swatch has changed nothing in the appearance of the watches and did that little change in the design of the dials. Yet, they have an appearance of more high-quality plastic models. All models display the hours, the minutes and the seconds by means of three central hands and the dial has a date window. Some dials are jagged or brushed Sun. Even if there are no big changes in the designs, the new faces have more style than those of the original Sistem51.

The connection between a “Swiss Made” movement, stainless steel case, a wonderful design and an unbeatable price around 200 depending on make the Swatch Irony Sistem51 an absolute must – have.

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