Ampy Is the External Battery for Your Mobile

The developers of Ampy define it as a wearable device, Although we fear that there has been a bit exaggerated: these entrepreneurs external battery is designed to be carried with us – in the Pocket, especially – but that does not mean that it is strictly a “wearable” product.

Even so, this definition does not detract you interest to a solution that serves to recharge our mobile devices but that has a differential characteristic: is charged with the movement, something that allows that we have at our disposal a simple way to load the mobile if you don’t have an outlet close.

As it is the case with clocks that are loaded with the movement, Ampy captures the kinetic energy When we move and stores it to then dispose of it in any product that is charged via USB. Although obviously we will be able to recharge the battery at home with a plug, this option is very interesting for all who are in constant motion.

According to its creators, take 10,000 steps (the average we do in a day), do bike during an hour or running for 30 minutes allows you to keep this external battery charged enough for provide 3 hours of autonomy the smartphone to recharge it with Ampy, while if charge a smart watch that autonomy extends to 24 hours and 72 hours if we have a cuantificadora bracelet.

The project managers had much success with campaign funding on Kickstarter last month and tripled the desired objective: now Ampy is already preparing for the commercial launch, which will take place in mid-2015. The price of the device will be $95, but it can the idea to be exploited by other manufacturers, something that we would look completely normal. An inspiring idea, of course.

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