So Is The Catalogue of Alcatel Smartphones after The Arrival of The New 4 Idol and Pop 4

We began the first official day of MWC 2016 after a previous of the most interesting, with the most of all early bird, Alcatel, which has just announced three new models of the family Pop 4 to complement the renewal of its catalog after the presentation Saturday of two new Idol 4.

Pop 4 family arrives with a first proposal for the mid-range of what seems to point to what will be the middle range this 2016, the Alcatel Pop 4s: screen of 5.5 inches FullHD, fast loading, connectivity 4G Cat 6 and fingerprint sensor among other features that us had already begun to get used to as the RAM of at least 2 GB, 16 GB of internal storage or 13 megapixel camera. Continue reading

Alcatel Check to Fight Its New OneTouch Flash with The Galaxy Note

Alcatel It has no problems to take to fight his next creature with the Note from Samsung, not specified exactly what, but it will be his rival. The new product is called Alcatel OneTouch Flash, and made official in Thailand, understanding that it will reach other markets soon.

With the internal name 6042D, we have an interesting device, reviewing specifications well we could place it as a terminal designed to annoy the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo, but priced presumably lower. Continue reading

Alcatel Renews Its Commitment to The Selfie-Phone with 2 Flash, a New Option with Front Flash

The selfies. The fashion, which looks more risky seen data from deaths caused by them, has not gone never unnoticed by manufacturers of mobile. Those who had the front camera as something almost forgotten began to launch new Terminal covering this gap.

Thus became phones as the Oppo N1, which opted for a rotary camera, the Sony Xperia C3, one of the first phones to incorporate flash front or the HTC Desire Eye, with its 13 megapixel front camera. And to continue the trend of having a selfie-phone Alcaltel now renews its commitment for this range, with Flash 2. Continue reading

Alcatel Pixi 3, for What Use One If You Can Several Operating Systems

Alcatel presented the new Pixi, a phone that would happen without penalty or glory by the market if not for its great feature: the ability to run Android, Windows Phone or Firefox OS. A three-in-one that many are looking forward to, and which finally is here.

A new family that will bring a total of four varieties of 3.5, 4, 4.5 and 5 inch, all of them offering different features including 3G (smaller model) connectivity and LTE (the other three). In all of them you can Choose the operating system to run, Although missing to know the details about their operation, and especially if you can choose is one or the other sometime in the reboot. That would be the most interesting idea, right? Continue reading

2 POP Alcatel, First Windows Phone with 64-Bit Processor

During the weekend we presented the Polaroid approach to Windows Phone, we are still reviewing what had been the venue of the 2014 IFA, and now’s the turn to Alcatel, that it had already dared with the Microsoft Mobile operating system.

This time the proposal is rather curious, since the Alcatel POP 2 It exists as a phone, but with operating system Android. We could say that it is a movement similar to the HTC One M8 and M8 One for Windows, but with a range of access phone. Continue reading

Alcatel OneTouch Fire C, Analysis

The Firefox OS is still in full development, but since February we knew some news provided by manufacturers and operators have been no particularly relevant ads for the platform. In fact, it is now when we have had the opportunity to discuss one of the latest devices presented this year, the Alcatel OneTouch Fire C.

Year and a half ago the successor of the OneTouch Fire that we have published a few first impressions is not a dramatic evolution of the terminal. In fact, it’s a model slightly more powerful and with the latest stable version of Firefox. Which, we fear, is not much. Continue reading

Alcatel Has Three New Phones with Firefox OS

Alcatel has also had its booth at MWC, and although the company is very far from what was in the late 90’s and in the early years of the new century if it is true that interesting products they put on the market. Or, at least, minority, with some degree of innovation and which may be of great interest to users.

They are the new Alcatel One Touch Fire, three smartphones with Firefox OS that it will arrive soon to the market for confirmed the collaboration of Alcatel with Mozilla and the bet for the new system. A second generation after the ‘Fire’ of last year which equals that bet and proposes something closer to the range average, including a model with LTE. Continue reading

Alcatel One Touch Fire E, First Impressions

During the Mobile World Congress Firefox OS pulled muscle with the introduction of new smartphones with your operating system of different brands. This year was very different, from a phone by 25 dollars to smartphones more advanced than those presented last year, among which is the Alcatel One Touch Fire E.

Above this, we would only see the Fire S but in the Fire and now we find for example a 4.5 screen inches or a dual processor core. This leap in quality that is us detenimos a moment to grasp are the first impressions of a Firefox OS smartphone has nothing to do with the first presented. Continue reading

Alcatel One Touch Idol X +, The Information

Managers of the firm TCL – better known in these parts under the brand name Alcatel – have launched the One Touch Idol X +, a new Member of the family that comes with a powerful MediaTek octa – core MT659 and with a unique accessory: a Bluetooth bracelet that monitor our physical activity.

The TCL Idol X +, already known in China, becomes therefore one of the first devices to offer a eight-core processor -at 2 GHz, which is not bad – thanks to the exclusive contract with MediaTek. Continue reading

Alcatel One Touch Idol S and Idol Mini, Will See Them in The IFA

Alcatel has ready two new terminals Android that will come to the European market, and that surely will also meet in person at the IFA Berlin 2013. It is especially thin, medium range and access, terminals with Android 4.2 operating system.

The first of these is the Alcatel One Touch Idol S, presenting the best specifications. Idol S has a 4.7 inch display with IPS technology and HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels). Continue reading

Alcatel One Touch Fire, The Information

Alcatel has decided not to wait and it has unveiled two new terminals in the Middle late Sunday before the official start of MWC this year. Alcatel One Touch Fire is one of them, a device the input range whose main attraction is that you use Firefox OS.

Alcatel One Touch Fire, a discrete model

The first thing that draws the attention of Alcatel One Touch F ire is its design, small (only 115 long and 12.2 mm thickness) and extremely colorful. In fact, you can choose between seven colors. Continue reading

Alcatel One Touch Fire, First Impressions

MWC is giving much if and especially with the sunset in long’s Firefox OS, the new operating system that will come in the summer and promises to give war. And after the ZTE Open’s turn now that the Alcatel One Touch Fire reached our hands to be subjected to an initial verdict that you can find below.

Alcatel One Touch Fire is the bet of the French brand for the new operating system of Mozilla that has the backing of 18 groups of mobile operators. Again we find with a simple terminal for undemanding public, like the ZTE Open, and which shares almost all the features. Continue reading

Alcatel One Touch X Idol, The Information

Alcatel He wants to return to the throne in which around 90 occupied with the well-known One Touch Easy. And look for what to do with the Alcatel One Touch X Idol, a good Android terminal.

Five inches for the new Alcatel smartphones

Even if it is a brand that is not lavish much in Spain if seeking to recover what was lost in all these years. Alcatel One Touch X Idol comes with good features focused on a big screen of five inches and FullHD resolution It will delight those who engage to find pixels. Continue reading

Alcatel One Touch View, One of The WP7.8 That Are Coming

Along with the release of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has also urged the manufacturers to submit new models of phones from low range and with the previous version Windows Phone 7.8. A commitment to maintain a perhaps obsolete operating system – let us remember that the 7.8 will receive some of the 8 new features, but not all – but if it is done with good prices no longer interesting. Continue reading

TCL S900, “Xiaomi” Alcatel

A couple of years, during my attendance at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, was able to walk me through the stand of Alcatel, in which were – with direct sun light, since they were in a cubicle of glass outside the pavilions of the fairground of Montjuïc, which slightly helped to form my opinion – a series of pretty mediocre terminals. Continue reading