Completo Atari Greatest Hits, 101 Classic Games from The Android Market

If you like retro games are in luck. Atari Opens overhand in Android by releasing a compilation where will offer us the possibility to play all his hits appeared in Atari 2600 and recreational machines.

In Atari ’ s Greatest Hits We can have in our Android device a total of 101 classic Atari games they have appeared in the decades of the 70 and 80 who did so much furor at the time when the recreation began to emerge and very few had a game console at home. Continue reading

FreeCiv, The Free Version of Civilization, Comes to Android

One of the games of strategies with a few faithful followers able to pass an infinite number of innings, losing the ability to discern the passage of time, is Civilization, game created by Sid Meier, who has earned the title of one of the most complete strategy games. Their five deliveries in computer and their corresponding adaptations to both desktop consoles and laptops has not gone unnoticed by developers who have decided to make a free version. Continue reading

SwiftKey X Version Halloween, and Give a Festive Touch to Your Android Keyboard

Continuing the theme of the Feast of Halloween, turn to one of the customizations in Android more productive, and is none other than the can add alternative text input methods to the keyboard of the system. One of the most popular alternative keyboard is Swype, but that doesn’t mean that other alternatives to consider there are. Continue reading

Facebook Messenger Now Available in Europe

A couple of months ago Facebook you threw your instant messaging application to Whatsapp or Google + Messenger style, but so far it was only available officially in the United States. We can now download from the Android Market application Facebook Messenger.

Unlike the chat that comes integrated into the Facebook application in this new application we can create group chats, send pictures and add your geolocation for your contacts may know where these and see where are your contacts if they also share their location. Continue reading

Skype Comes to Their 2.5 Version with Several New Features

Voip video calling for excellence service, Skype, It has become to encourage users of Android with a new update, this time to its version 2.5 of the app. Among its innovations, you find that 14 more devices are added to the list of terminals that support videollamaad, whenever you use WiFi or to an operator that allows VoIP on your mobile data traffic. Continue reading

Amazon Silk Is Not as Fast as Was Promised, But It Is True That It Consumes Less

One of the great innovations that arose next to Kindle Fire in his announcement to the public a couple of months is the of Amazon Silk, Amazon browser in the cloud that would be responsible for the laborious tasks of a browser in the cloud and a stream of image to the device, thus saving time and bandwidth, some real very precious the two. Continue reading

Las Mejores Aplicaciones Android Back to School: Schedules and Task Managers

We continue with the special return to school, and on this occasion we will review applications for Android which help us with schedules and tasks management. No doubt some very interesting tools that will allow us to have mobile not only what we have when we have class but also the tasks, tests and deliveries we have to perform.

The solution obvious, on the other hand, is to use Google Calendar, with the application that comes by default in our Android (or the implementation of calendar that comes by default on customizations of the manufacturers) a generic Task Manager, such as Gtasks and Astrid, of which we have spoken on previous occasions. This alternative is very valid, but there are specific applications (free and paid) that can help us to integrate all. Continue reading

Settle Up, The Best Way to Manage Payments in Groups

Surely many of you, whether for travel or when planning a party, you had to perform tedious calculations about who paid what and who owes money to whom. It exists to make these tasks easier Settle Up, a free application for this tedious task in a very simple way.

The application allows you to create a group on which add costs, still these expenses incurred by one person and spending can be both a subgroup of people all over the world. At the end of payments the program automatically creates a table of payments so that everyone is zero. Continue reading

2 Player Reactor, Challenge Your Friends in Speed

Today we bring you a review of a game that is something different from what we are accustomed. 2 Player Reactor It is a game for Android that you should challenge a friend that you are able to react faster to questions that are arising. Each player has an area of the screen that should be played, and the first that react correctly Gets a point. If it fails a point is deducted and after multiple rounds which wins more points have. Continue reading

Skitch, Already Enjoy This Tool to Create and Share Notes Graphics from Your Android

Today, at a special event of the company Evernote in San Francisco, thanks to Engadget coworkers who are there covering the news, we learned that this company you have purchased Skitch. EverNote is, almost certainly, one of the most widely used computer tools for the creation of all kinds notes. It has desktop application, but it also has a web version, as well as the corresponding versions for mobile platforms. Continue reading

Battery Notifier, The Status of The Battery on The Notification Bar

Through the blog comments we have received the consultation on how to view What is left of battery in the notification bar in a more explicit way that comes by default with Android. Although there are improvements in some ROMs like Cyanogen, not everyone has an unofficial ROM, and look for alternatives in the Android Market. Battery Notifier It is a good application to view the status of the battery in the notification bar. Continue reading