New Apple Watch Has GPS, Water Resistance and Can Be Made of Ceramic

For your special event, Apple has officially announced the second generation of your smart watch. The Apple Watch Series 2 was presented with a number of novelties, in addition to the official support to one of the largest fevers in the world of mobile games, Pokémon GO.

The intelligent Watch Apple will have a new display that, according to Apple, is two times brighter than your predecessor. A comment that surprised is the fact the company admit that this is the screen brighter than ever made on a mobile device. Continue reading

What and How Scaling Modifies DPI on Android?

Surely if we speak of DPI’s – stands for dots per inch in English – many will think that we will try on hardware, and it is pixels per inch are one of the most important physical aspects of a screen.

Nothing further from the truth, because however, today We are going to play a bit with the interface of our Android and its scale-up, Since we know that you like very much these advanced aspects of the operating system.

By way of introduction, it should be to explain a little of what the hell we’ll talk when we mentioned DPI without referring to the physical specification, and is that the dots per inch also apply to the software, specifically scaling that the applications made to fit the different sizes and resolutions screen. Continue reading

About Smart Watches

Imagine the scene: you running the New York Marathon, at km 39, heavy legs, final minutes. Suddenly the phone rings, or better, your watch: is your mother wondering if everything is OK. This is one of the so many functions (useful for who runs) of Apple Watch.
Second Slice Intellegence, research firm focused on the technology market, the Apple Watch has sold more than 1.8 million units in the United States – not bad for a watch that costs $349 (or about 1,100 R$) in the basic version. As I have a passion for racing and technology, pegged the investment and decided to test the product that promises to revolutionize the market. I used the Apple Watch Sport 38 mm (two sizes: 38 and 42 mm) continuously for two weeks on the job, in a suit, but, mainly, with sneakers, in practice. Continue reading

Joaquim VergéS, Creator of Falcon Pro: “I Have Twenty Ideas for Apps That I Would like to Develop”

We had wanted to interview to Joaquim Vergès, the developer of Falcon Pro, one of most famous Twitter clients and the first encountered with a limit of tokens which prevented its expansion.

Their applications are famous for fluid and well designed ones. And it is that perhaps Falcon Pro was the first application that showed that Android is not synonymous with ugly, or much less. We spoke to him this and Android development, apart from its current and future projects.

What are your reasons for programming instead of other mobile operating systems like iOS and Android? Continue reading

Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS Running Watch

The new sports watches from Garmin – Forerunner Forerunner and 620 220- feature a modern design, colorful and light, premium features and advanced connectivity, being yet very simple to use, making them an excellent gadget for anyone who is a fan of the world of running.

Users can access free training plans or prepare their own plans on Garmin Connect and transfer them to your Forerunner 220 or 620 without having to access the computer and through the free Garmin Connect Mobile application can publish with your smartphone all information about WINS and goals achieved in social networks. Continue reading

Google Will Be Applications Developers with a New Course on Analytics

Google has decided to provide life to the developers of mobile applications through a new course which has called Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals. Developers and advertisers pointing to the course will learn to use Google Analytics and apply their metrics applications to make them more visible and profitable.

The course will be in English and will be divided into four main units, which we will learn to orient Analytics metrics for attract new users, analyze their behavior and increase the benefits that we are getting for our applications. Continue reading

Buying the Apple Watch Pros and Cons

A summary of the reasons to buy and not to buy Apple Watch, watch Apple’s smart

São Paulo — the Apple Watch, revealed last week, has sparked various reactions. Some people are counting the days to put up wrist watch with the Apple logo. And there are those who see the new gadget from Apple as a cute toy, but totally expendable.

The clock works connected, via Bluetooth, the iPhone 5 or newer. Will hit stores in early 2015 in the United States and other countries, with price starting at 349 dólaers. We still don’t know when it will be sold in Brazil.

See a summary of the reasons to buy and not to buy a Apple Watch. Continue reading

Half of Applications ‘Top’ in Android Inherits Vulnerabilities, According to a Study

We’re not talking about any application. Usual to hear that there is little control on Google Play and anything, that with more than one million applications any known strain. The problem is when looks are directed toward the most famous and discharged.

It is what they have done at Codenomicon, who discovered the vulnerability Heartbleed a few months ago and that much has been said. As explained by Olli Jarva, specialist in security of that group, many of these mistakes arrive by reuse without review of Open Source as OpenSSL libraries without the revision of these, according to a study at the top 50 Android apps. Continue reading

Tattoos Affect Apple Watch

First smart watch owners are complaining that several of the functions of the device are affected by tattoos

The first users of Apple Watch, wristwatch that is the first product of the company in five years, are complaining that many of the key functions are affected by tattoos.

These consumers discovered that your tattooed skin confuses the sensors on the underside of the appliance. Continue reading

Material Design, More Than a Face Wash for Android

Long ago that we left behind the label of “the Android interface is ugly”. Google has made a great effort from design and unification of criteria so that your OS look and shine, despite that manufacturers are still trying to hide it with its own customization layers.

At the Conference yesterday, Google presented what will be its next evolution in design: Material Design. The concept that underlies under this name is easy to understand: what happens if each area of an application, if each pixel, in addition to position and color, has a depth? A height on the screen? Continue reading

Is Apple Watch a Failure

After a tumultuous, launch the Apple Watch lost sales volume and does not generate much interest among buyers

São Paulo – sales of Apple Watch are plummeting since your launch. The smart clock from Apple was released in April. The company opened sales numbers, but a report from a consulting market analysis suggests that the interests of consumers has been dropping ever since. Continue reading

Android and The 64-Bit: When, How, and Why

If you are a regular reader of Xataka Android safe that you already read our article “64-bit on Android, there is still a long way to go” in which noted the current state of the Android market and the arrival of the 64-bit to the platform.

In it we analyze the parts needed to take that out and gave a few brushstrokes that hinted that until next year we would not see the arrival of this technology to Android.

In the past MWC 2014 there have been developments in the respect in the world of chip makers, Qualcomm presenting their new Snapdragon 610 and 615, so we want to recapitulate and back to keep an eye on the State of Android and the 64-bit: When, how and why. Continue reading

CT Band, the Bracelet That Makes Your Smart Watch

CT Band is a high-tech connected bracelet that will fix itself to your usual watch to make it smart.

CT Band, Multiple Features

Yet, this bracelet is full of sensors to adapt to all your needs. Through him you can know your instantaneous speed, the number of steps you will have traveled, your heart rate and your rate of oxygen in the blood, but also, time you spend to make a physical effort, the distance you have covered, the temperature, rate of sunshine, humidity and ultraviolet rate to which you are exposed. Continue reading

Genymotion, The Fastest Android Emulator

Genymotion is an emulator for Android that leverages the architecture x 86 to run smoothly and quickly different Android devices. Forgetting the slowness of the native Android emulator We can execute all kinds of apps and games on our Windows, Mac or Linux.

One of the main uses of Genymotion is facilitate the development of Android applications. Almost more than 900,000 registered users use their virtual machines to create applications using Eclipse or intelliJ. Seamlessly integrate with the adb, command line and the different development environment. We can launch in just a few seconds the applications connected to the ADT from the IDE to test it. Much time saved. Continue reading

Contest Spain 2013, Confirm Speakers and Highlight The Main Talks

Within days of the event of the Contest Spain 2013, the Organization has definitely confirmed speakers and activities to be held during the 9th and 10th of December. So if you were wondering, it’s when buying your ticket.

Google Glass

As mentioned in the announcement of the event, the Google Glass and the GDK they will be a few outstanding protagonists. So we can learn more about the new Glass 2.0 model Julián Beltran, responsible for the company’s development Droiders hand.

Completing the topic of the Glass GDK We will count with the presence of Ander Martínez that guts the development kit. There are currently very few developers with access to the precious glasses but perhaps some will be encouraged more to know the details of how create applications and possibilities that have. Continue reading