17.3-Inch Laptop: Asus N75SF-V2G-TZ117V


Than drive serves the fast core i7-2630 QM processor from Intel. Each of the four cores working at two gigahertz via turbo boost technology they create also 2.9 GHz clock frequency. Surf the Internet or perform Office tasks with Word and Excel, the graphics chip HD graphics housed in the core i7 ranges from 3000. Graphically rich games like about Deus Ex automatically switches the notebook on the more powerful GT-555 M graphics chip from NVIDIA. The notebook has eight gigabytes of memory is an standard for devices of this price class. That the ASUS also fully exploited, there’s with the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium running.

Test: the latest processors in the performance check

The ASUS completed work items as fast as manipulating photos, music and videos. In power-hungry games like Crysis it gets stuck however: average 24 frames per second are too little for a smooth image playback there are only from 40 frames per second. Article COMPUTER determined image of the pace of the game you find test criteria. Continue reading

Aldi Laptop Medion Akoya P6812 (MD98760)

The revised Sandy Bridge processor has two cores, which are clocked at each 2.2 gigahertz so he is slightly faster than its predecessor 2310 M 2.1 gigahertz. Thanks to the fast processor and four gigabytes of memory does the unit standard tasks such as working in Word and Excel with the installed Office Starter 2010 at lightning speed. The notebook quickly creates even elaborate downs of videos for playback on a Smartphone.

Test: The latest Processors in the Performance Check


In addition to the graphics processor in the core i3 HD graphics 3000 the MEDION has a second graphics chip on board: the GeForce GT 555 M NVIDIA acquires the image playback in games. For titles such as FIFA 12 performance for graphically sophisticated games is enough as rage is the notebook with an average 29 images but a bit too slowly. In the test, it was enough for the part note 3.12 (satisfying). Find the test criteria in the article COMPUTER determined image the game tempo. Continue reading

Smartphone Sales: Samsung Beats Apple

Apple just before Nokia

With over 20 million smartphones sold, Samsung is currently well ahead of his biggest rivals. Apple is with 17.1 million phones sold only on the 2nd place. However, Apple should be at revenue and profit due to the more expensive devices clearly at the top. If the number of sold devices Nokia follows almost square 3. The Finnish mobile phone pioneer comes to 16.8 million units sold. Comparing to the previous quarter: Apple (20.3 million), and Samsung (17.3 million) have three months their positions almost with the same values exchanged.

Samsung benefits from Android

Market analysts explain the strong growth of Samsung’s Android. Although the manufacturer publishes also phones with other operating systems (Bada, Windows phone 7), they sell but worse than models with the Google operating system.

Overview: the best smartphones

100 mobile phones, Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG & co. iPhone 4S as selling brake?

The light breaking Apple’s is probably connected with the new version of the iPhone. The launch of the iPhone 4S was already announced for the third quarter of the fiscal year. With the purchase, many customers have been waiting for on the new device. Currently Apple breaks with the 4S sales records.

Technology Quiz: how familiar you are with Smartphones?
Smartphones and cell Phones with the best battery Life

Galaxy nexus against iPhone 4S

The end of the year 2011 is once more to be expected with voltage. Then the respective top models of the two competitors emerge in the next financial statements: a few days after the launch of the iPhone 4S Samsung presented the Galaxy nexus. It’s the first Smartphone with Android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich). Also Nokia to become involved: the first Windows-phone-7 smartphones in the trade to come this year. (dd)


iPhone 4S VS. Galaxy S2: How Is Apple Against the Winner?

On October 4th Apple has with rumors to the iPhone 5 Finally cleaned up and presented the new model. Apple fans who had hoped for a new iPhone, were disappointed: this is just a souped-up version of the iPhone 4 iPhone 4S. In the COMPUTER screen leaderboard of smartphones, its predecessor iPhone 4 occupies 16th place leader is and remains the Samsung Galaxy S2. The iPhone 4S ends up in the test in 2nd place. This table compares the key details of the new Apple phone with the Galaxy S2. Continue reading

Buy iPhone, But Cheap!

iPhone 4S without contract: pay and take

Are the days where the path inevitably led to the iPhone in a Telekom shop, since October 2010 over. To buy the iPhone 4 S, at the dealer, from 629 euro in Apple’s online store or your local Apple store. The previous iPhone 4 and 3GS are also still available. Advantage in the Apple store: with a defect within the warranty period you will receive as a customer usually a new device. This also applies to the equipment of the provider. The rush is huge in the first few weeks, the iPhone 4 is sold out in many places. Who can not wait, it pays: dealer where the iPhone 4S is available, call prices, some well above Apple’s list price is.

Price – comparison Apple iPhone 3GS/4 / 4S

iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4S display 3.5-inch 3.5-inch 3.5-inch resolution 480 x 320 960 x 640 960 x 640 camera 3 mega pixel 5 mega pixel 8 megapixel front-facing camera – 640 x 480 640 x 480 video recording 640 x 480 1280 x 720-1920 x 1080 price (Apple Store) 369 € (8 GB) 519 € (8 GB) 629 € (16 GB) 739 € (32 GB) 849 € (64 GB) test: iPhone – 4S with detailed comparison test: iPhone 4S everything to the new Apple Smartphone
iPhone 4s: material cost is only 133 euro
test: Apple iPhone 4
50 apps: which should be missing on any iPhone! Continue reading

Test: iPhone 4S

Sought after as never before

Although the eagerly awaited iPhone 5 was revised Apple of only existing iPhone 4 and bought an S (for speed), more than 1 million pre-orders were received by Apple in the first 24 hours that far exceeds the run on the iPhone 4 with 600,000 prospective buyers on the first day. The rush in Germany is so great that Deutsche Telekom already is their customer delays. There is information about prices and conditions at Telekom, O2 and Vodafone.

Duel of the smart Giants: iPhone 4S vs. Galaxy S2

Rush to the iPhone 4s: impressions of the sales start Apple released 5: iOS you need to know to start


Without barriers immediately at Apple

Who wants to conclude a contract, buy iPhone at full price at Apple. All versions of iPhone 4S with 16, 32, 64 gigabyte (GB) are memory without power lock available (if supplies last). Price: 629 euro (16 GB), 739 euros (32 GB), and 849 euro (64 GB). Orders are possible via the Apple website or in one of the Apple stores. Its predecessor iPhone 4 Apple in black and white offers with eight gigabytes of memory and without SIM-lock for 519 euro, that unlocked 3GS with eight gigabytes for 369 euros. Continue reading

Data Retention: Monarchy Exposed Operators

Attached to data retention

Classified for official use only! emblazoned on the cover page of the zehnseitigen document. But with the secrecy, it’s over, because the Guide to accessing data in the Munich Public Prosecutor has surfaced on the Internet. How did the document there, is so far unclear. On request by COMPUTER image of the Munich senior public prosecutor August Stern confirmed by telephone the authenticity of the document.

Guide to accessing data
Lists the document exactly how long fixed and mobile carrier save the connection data of their customers. Also contains’s exact instructions, investigators must proceed, as to usage data of Internet, mobile and fixed-line customers to get.
Continue reading

HTC Sensation XE: Smartphone with Beats Audio

Bass, bass, we need bass

The HTC sensation XE is the first product of a collaboration between HTC and beats audio. As soon as you connect the beats headphones, the sensation of XE automatically the suitable sound profile for playing music. Beats audio convinces you especially with a rich bass. Included is a high-quality in-ear headphones with remote control for your music player and microphone for use as a hands-free device.

Sharpened sensation
The dual-core processor from Qualcomm is clocked in comparison to the good predecessor HTC sensation with 1.5 instead of 1.2 GHz. Thus, the XE is theoretically Threesome, however convince both smartphones during the operation. For longer enjoyment of music, HTC increase the battery capacity of 1,530 on 1,730 mah. The screen protected by Gorilla glass offers unchanged 960 x 540 pixels on a diagonal of 4.3 inches (10.9 cm). The HTC sensation XL is bigger, but must get along with fewer pixels. Continue reading

Apple released 5: iOS You Need to Know to Start

Appears when iOS 5?

At the keynote to the publication of iPhone 4S Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the new operating system iOS 5 on 12 October 2011 to post two days before the start of the successor to iPhone and at the same time with the next generation of the iPod touch. IOS 5 will benefit iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4s, iPad and iPad 2 as well as the iPod touch third generation. As soon as you connect your device with iTunes, informed an Assistant about the update to iOS 5 and installed the new firmware automatically.

iOS 5: which are the top new features
networking via iCloud, improvements in Safari, completely renewed notification Center, voice control with Siri iOS 5 offers many. The 20 major new features COMPUTER provides picture in detail. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus: It Comes Despite Patent Dispute to Germany?

New Samsung Tablet

With the Galaxy tab, Samsung invented the seven inch Tablet and landed a considerable surprise success in September 2010, long time it was considered the best Android tablet. Now comes the polished successor, the Galaxy tab 7.0 plus with small but nice improvements, in two colours (white and metal look) and Android 3.2 (honeycomb) as operating system.

Dimensions and equipment
The device weighs 345 grams and is just 40 grams lighter than its predecessor. Also, it is now just a centimetre-thin (9.96 mm, to be exact). It has a dual-core processor (frequency: 1.2 GHz), which resolves the eponymous seven-inch touch screen with 1024 x 600 pixels. A three-megapixel camera with LED Flash and autofocus, which allows even 720 p video recording, is located on the back. A camera with a resolution of two Megapixels is sitting in the front. Depending on the model 16 or 32 gigabytes (GB) of data storage and a GB of memory into the Galaxy. Continue reading

Apple iPad 2 Now with Data Plan

The Apple iPad 2 already there since March 2011. so far you could the Tablet PC but only one buy, you had to book a suitable data plan separately. Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom now offer a discounted iPad 2 with corresponding tariffs for Internet surfing. Both operators have the tablet with black and white housing and as a 16 – 32 – and 64-gigabyte version in the range.
Vodafone: 49 Euro bargain or not?
iPad 2 with 16 gigabytes (GB) of memory Vodafone for unique offers 49 Euro. The largest data plan (MobileInternet flat 21.6) promises a maximum bandwidth of 21.6 megabits per second (Mbit / s), with 10 GB data volume. Exceed the volume limit, your surfing speed to 64 kilobits per second (kbit / s) is throttled. The tariff will cost 49.99 Euros month. As a new customer you can choose in addition online advantage, 50 euros starting credit or 100 free SMS the bonuses of $5. Inclusive minutes and SMS packages are optionally to book bar. Continue reading

HTC Patches Potential Security Vulnerability with Android Smartphones

Free ticket logging tools

As the Android Web page reported by police at the weekend, so-called logging tools are installed on many HTC phones. Among other things, whose mission is to inform developers about possible malfunctions and incompatibility of their programs or to collect advertising relevant information. According to the U.S. security expert Trevor these programs but also able to be Eckhart, to allow access to the Crown jewels of the phones all installed apps including the location information, phone numbers, SMS, E-Mail and system data to read. Continue reading

Our Site Presents Android Tablet and New Kindle Generation

Rumours about the new generation of devices now sprang up long Our site has unveiled its new E-book reader, which are available in three versions in November. The easiest and most affordable at $ 79 device is on Kindle and is now lighter, smaller and faster. The next larger unit listens to the name Kindle touch, costs $ 99 and has the smallest model Wi-Fi on board. A UMTS version of Kindle touch proposes with $ 149 to beech.
Special offer, say: advertising the initially very reasonable prices for the base models because the customer gets advertising displayed on its standby screen. Who on these offers (special offers) waived, each $ 40 must be deeper in the Pocket Access. Continue reading

World’s First Rolling-Stone-App Launches in Germany

Of Rolling Stone magazine on the iPad

in the iPad app presents Rolling Stone every month the most important developments, news and trends in music, culture and current events, tells in comprehensive and detailed reading stories and a lot of musical and multimedia additional services.

Extra content
So the app offer next to all content in the print edition offers a built-in soundtrack to the booklet, auditions for new releases , exclusive video sessions, the hardest music quiz of in Germany, as well as music news by www.rollingstone.de as a live feed. All audio and video content are available offline as well. Also the feedback function allows users to become active within the app, to comment on articles and to contact to the editorial board. Continue reading

HTC Rhyme: 3.7 Inch and Multi Media Package

For months the rumor circulated, HTC’s next phone would mean bliss. Now it is out: the youngest child of the Taiwanese manufacturer goes by the name rhyme. In addition to Android 2.3 (gingerbread), the rhyme with the user interface runs HTC sense 3.0. The resolution of 800 x 480 pixels should provide on the measured 3.7 inch super LCD display for rich images with bold colors. The housing is tri-color and offers a nice picture from outside. Apart from a volume control on the right side of the device and a power button on the side of the head, HTC has completely refused on keys. You use the touch keyboard for surfing or write messages.
The HTC rhyme is equipped with four gigabytes of memory, which can be extended using a MicroSD card. The Smartphone weighs 130 grams for a size of 119 x 60, 8 x 10, 85 centimeters. According to HTC, the battery of the rhyme in the stand holds 340 hours, talk time extends over eight hours. Continue reading

Panasonic KX-TU301 and KX-TU311

Clear and robust

The mobile phones are characterized by their ease of use. Help the easy-to-read display and large keys. Users can enter phone numbers via voice input. Main features such as volume control, handsfree and the LED flashlight are controllable via separate buttons. According to Panasonic, the phones cope with falls of up to 1.5 meters.

Flashlight and emergency button
Both models offer a LED flashlight, and an easily accessible red emergency call button. In a cry for help, dials the phone up to five previously stored telephone numbers and sends an SMS. A filter favors the use of a hearing aid, the KX-TU311 is equipped with Bluetooth. Continue reading