Fairphone 2: The Smartphone For The Good Conscience

The first Fairphone addressed only do-gooders, the successor is also technically exciting: he can be easily dismantle modules and repair. In the test but also weaknesses came to light.

Normal phone manufacturers want to sell as much as possible and retract the highest possible margins. Fairphone is different: the young company from Amsterdam wants to prove first and foremost, that you can make smartphones more environmentally friendly and produce social as usual.

This right extends to all stations in the life of the phone: the raw materials, the production, use and recycling. For this reason Fairphone used conflict-free Tin and tantalum from Congo, pays an extra wage Chinese factory workers can repair the users themselves and financed a recycling project in Ghana.

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Smartphones: LG Will Send The g6 In The Flagship Race

The Mobile World Congress casts its shadow. Because Samsung will probably show no Galaxy S8, the question stands: what manufacturer has the best smartphone in the luggage? A candidate: The LG G6.

If the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona starts in two weeks, the large Smartphone manufacturer have left their new flagships of the stack. Traditionally the industry pulls their big show on the Sunday before the show – with the climax in the evening, when Samsung introduces its new Galaxy. This will be only a Tablet this time but, after the touch 7 debacle, Samsung has put the idea of Galaxy S8 to a later date. To move the other manufacturer in focus – for example, LG.

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IPhone 7 And 7 Plus In The First Test

Already a few days before the official launch of Mac & Apple’s i could try out new smartphones with the improved cameras.

By John Schuster, Holger Zelder, immo young Haertchen and Christoph Dernbach – 13.09.16

On Friday, the sale of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus begins September 16. We have already made a short test with both models.

Unboxing iPhone 7: Housing and back

The size of the two iPhones has changed 6s and 6 s plus a millimeter over the predecessors, its weight has been reduced to a few grams. But you can make significant changes on the back of robust aluminium housing: for the antenna, there are no plastic covers in the form of visible horizontal stripes more. Thus the backs of 7 iPhones are now again consistently in a color. It has remained at a small hill for the camera lenses, which is but equalised when using an – already highly recommended – shell. In a small video, we will show the new look, and deliverables.

Instead of space grey Apple now offers a matte black, there is still a shiny “diamond black”, even already indicates its scratch Anfälligkeit Apple – and recommends the use of a sleeve. One of our test devices was held in diamond black. The piano black finish is almost cheap some observers, because you now know of many other products where plastic with it is refined. IPhone 7 you can indeed not immediately see that it’s an aluminum housing, and you don’t immediately feel it. For this, every fingerprint falls right in the eye. The second device in normal black shines less. Therefore it is discreet and respondents for most colleagues also something more noble, but this is of course a matter of taste. Remained the other color options are silver, gold and rose gold.

iPhone 7: new camera, iPhone 7 plus: dual camera

Because the test units were only a few days available, we have this first report placed a focus on the most interesting innovation: the camera. For comparison we moved iPhone 6s and 6 s with previous models plus in the test.

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Google Pixel And Pixel Xl In The Test

Google has released the two next Android smartphones under the name pixel and pixel XL. You are located with high end hardware, top camera and built-in Google Wizard in the upper class. We have tested whether that justifies the premium prices.

On self-consciousness, it seems not to lack Google: with prices from 750 to 870 euros for the 5-inch pixel phone and 900 up to 1010 euro for the 5.5 inch pixel XL include Google’s new smartphones to the most expensive Android Smartphone of all time. Over the times when the nexus devices as an insider tip for high-quality hardware at a low price were considered. Accordingly, one might expect that the two new flagship phones outdo other top Android smartphones and the iPhone 7. This doesn’t work however in all aspects – more on that later.

Opinions differ on the design of the pixel-phones: Google has be quite clearly “inspired by Apple”. The front looks especially for silver as similar to the iPhone, that many colleagues noted not to keep an Android powered device in the hands and searched desperately for the home button below the screen. And also the back of the Google Smartphone is similar to the Apple devices. The only difference: the top quarter with decorated Google with polished glass, what different well arrived in our newsroom. The opinions ranged between “Looks good.” and “ugly. Glue it there are the remains of the protective film? “.”

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Huawei Shows New High End Smartphone P10 In Barcelona

Now it’s official: the Chinese manufacturer shows its new upper class Android Huawe  i P10 at the Mobile World Congress. Much more is still unknown about the Smartphone, but there are already some rumors.

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei will send its new smartphone flagship at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) among other things against the LG G6 in the race. With a few teasers on social networks, the company confirmed on Monday that it will introduce the Huawei P10 late February just before the opening of the fair in Barcelona. Much more has not yet Huawei, but there are a few hints and rumors of course.

Two sizes

Apparently, the P10 in different versions will be available. A few leaks suggest that the P10 with a 5.2 “- inch display is equipped – the augurs are still divided, whether in full HD (1080 × 1960) or QHD (1440 x 2560).” In the larger P10 plus, Huawei is expected a 5.5 “-inch display in QHD use, has the perhaps rounded edges.”

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Samsung Galaxy S7 And s7 Edge In The Test: Fast, Long Breath, Light-Sensitive Camera UPDATE

Samsung sets the standards for Android smartphones with its high end smartphones of the Galaxy S series again. The company also in the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge succeeded, especially in terms of performance and camera – in the c’t-test came to light but also some weaknesses.

Samsung brings this year both its high end Galaxy S series at the same time on the market: from 8 March there in addition to the Samsung Galaxy S7 a version with curved display, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, to buy. It succeeded the Galaxy S7 edge not the S6 edge, but actually the much larger S6 edge +: the S7 edge with 5.5 inch display diagonal greater than the S7 (5.1 inches) and how the iPhone 6s already as to classify “Phablet”, so is an in-between Smartphone and mini tablet. In the c’t editorial team we could test both models has been less than a week in detail in the laboratory, but also in everyday life.

Real nice quick

Anyone who had the Samsung Galaxy S7 for a few minutes in the hand in the Newsroom, said immediately: this is really fast. Wiping menus, start apps, change between menus, which unlock the fingerprint sensor in the home-button – all this works extremely fast and looks liquid. The new Exynos-8890 chipset makes it possible with eight processor cores (4 x 2.3 GHz, 4 x 1.6 GHz) and ARM Mali-T880 MP12, the Samsung in the European version of the S7 and S7 edge incorporates the graphics unit. The SoC (System-on-a-chip) showed no weaknesses in the test and reached in various c’t benchmarks new peaks.

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The Right Smartphone For Everyone

You must make a choice when purchasing a Smartphone: Android, iOS, or Windows? 100, 200 or more Euro? We give tips for the right Smartphone and what features you really need.

A new smartphone, one should ask first, how they because would like to spend much. You can get current Smartphone now from 60 euros – for some users, these devices quite sufficient. But even the most expensive smartphones have their benefits; up to 1000 Euro It depends on what you need it.

Smartphones under $100: cheap or just cheap?

Mobile phones can be for less than 100 euro limited as Smartphones use for everyday. Because of the lame processors and Android and Windows 10 run mobile little RAM only tough on these devices. Launch apps or switches between them back and forth, one must reckon with waiting times of several seconds. You should categorically exclude models with less than 1 GB of RAM. Ärgerlichster neck of the bottle, however, is the small Flash memory, models with less than 8 GBytes are taboo, because you can install on them as well as any apps. At display resolutions of less than 1280 × 720, font, and other image elements appear blurry and pixelated. To read texts on Web pages is so exhausting. The digital cameras produce mostly pixel grits, that one wants to see anyone.

Devices such as the Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen with Android (depending on the offer about 100 euro) or the Microsoft Lumia 550 with Windows 10 mobile (from €90) but form positive exceptions and meet a large part of the minimum requirements for a Smartphone. Some of the cheapest models spark even over LTE.

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Consumer Advocates Reach Judgment Against Vodafone’s Data Automatic

The District Court of Düsseldorf has decided that three terms in Vodafone Mobile contracts to the automatic booking of packets (data automatic) are not permitted.

The Federal Association of consumer centres and consumer associations – consumer centre Bundesverband e.V. (vzbv) – has achieved a stage victory on Vodafone. The District Court Düsseldorf has decided in a ruling that three data automatic clauses of the mobile provider Vodafone are ineffective (case No. 12 O 311/15).

Specifically, the District Court of Düsseldorf has declared these three clauses invalid:

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Details on the Pegasus-IPHONE HACK

Over half a year ago, a vulnerability has become known, that could trigger the jailbreak with only one link.

Attack: The iPhone is safe. So safe and invulnerable as we as human beings and as a society in General. So just to 100 percent. To be aware of, it may help to deal better with threats of physical, spiritual, social and economic integrity. We are vulnerable and not completely sure this is true also for the iPhone. But just as we do for our security can – but at least the light not snap in red on the road go, put on the belt in the car and on the bike maybe wear a helmet – can we

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Nokia 6 233 Euro: About 235,000 Pre-Orders After 24 h

HMD has unveiled its first Nokia Smartphone. The Android-7.0 Smartphone comes with 5.5 inch touch screen, 8-core processor and 16 MP camera. It costs just over 230 euro, but is not available in Germany.Update: about 235,000 pre-orders after 24 hours.

HMD global’s newly founded Finnish company Oy (“HMD”) had announced early December 2016, that of in the year 2017 smartphones Nokia wants to bring under the brand name on the market. Now, HMD has released details of the first new Nokia Smartphone.

Price and availability

Find cheap phone and data rates in the comparison
for example, all-net & surf Flex L for only €9.99 per month

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Moto G5 & G5 Plus: All The Details, Price, And Release

There are already first details about the facilities, to release and price to the new bargain phones Lenovo Moto G5 and G5 Moto plus. Here you will find all current information.

The Moto-G series of Motorola and now Lenovo is very popular with bargain hunters. The phones are well equipped, with current Android system and are still comparatively cheap! The new G5 Moto and Moto G5 models plus will be presented already at MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona end February


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Ten Curious Reasons For a Broken Iphone

What do a Pug, a diligent housewife, a schoolchild, a cat, and girls on the ladies toilet have in common? You are a threat to the iPhone! We present ten really strange reasons for broken iPhones in a gallery.

With the iPhone 7, Apple has made some others. And for example the 3.5 mm headphone jack killed. And while still lucky because Samsung with the competing Galaxy put note 7 a belly landing. But one thing remains unchanged: the iPhone many different dangers threaten.

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Huawei Fit In The Test

Huawei fit – Fitnesstracker with metal housing, long battery life and heart rate monitors! We test the chic wearable.

The Huawei with her round, simple design fit more reminiscent of a classic watch as on a Fitnesstracker. They are often just a bracelet with sensors or also a small display. Compared to a modern Smartwatch make significant concessions.

Conclusion to the Huawei fit

Enthusiastically we are the Huawei long battery life fit, which is mainly due to the black and white display. But you get a good Smartwatch like the Sony Smartwatch 3or Samsung GearFit2 with color display and at least the same features and more information you can see on the screen for much money already. The simple design, wearing comfort and processing are but quite good.

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The 25 Best Smartphones Under 250 Euro

You are looking for the best smartphone bargains up to 250 euro? In our picture gallery you will find the 25 best phones from our test at a low price!

There are basically two types of Smartphone bargains: phones that already are good and cheap from market launch – by honor, which focus on strong entry-level smartphones! And there are upper class phones that were so cheap in the course of time, they are a real buy recommendation. Ultimately benefit end consumers from fast development cycles, which the technology is getting better but also cheaper!

So you miss not a bargain, we have compiled 25 smartphones up to 250 euros (street price) for you in our photo gallery. All devices have of course run through our test and mainly with “good” cut off. See more phones for little money in the picture gallery below, which were not in the test.

Exciting more smartphones under 250 euros, which we have not yet tested:

WIKO U feel PrimePreis (State: 18.01.2017): 244 euro in the PC world price comparison


Data: The WIKO U feel Prime offers a 5.5-inch display with full HD and rounded sides for a very smooth operation. As an engine of Snapdragon 430 used comes with 8 cores, as well as a 4 GB of large memory sizes. In addition 6.0 runs on the Android phone, you can expand the memory and there is a dual SIM feature.

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Nokia P1 Should Be New Flagship Smartphone

The Nokia P1 will have a new smartphone flagship. With top-CPU, plenty of RAM and strong camera. But there is a catch.

Sold after the Android Smartphone Nokia 6, the HMD globally only in China, the next Nokia device in the race to go with the Nokia P1 to the favor of smartphone users. If the rumors are true the Nokia P1 is an absolute high-end Smartphone.

All information about the Nokia P1 comes from a post of the Russian sites Worket to the Russian social-media platform UK. It involves a complete rumour without confirming by HMD globally.

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Technology Trends 2017: Virtual & Augmented Reality

Who would not move freely in 3D worlds, to see close games or movies? Glasses – brand new – mixed reality, augmented and virtual make this possible. Please come soon with great new features on the market.

Glasses on – and you’re in a completely different world. What works in the TV future in Star Trek on the holodeck, is already with the aid of special glasses possible, which can be completely immersed in virtual reality (VR). The real environment plays a role, however, is called augmented reality (AR) or mixed reality (MR). The difference between the two: While AR content in the real environment are embedded, but not interact with it, better gearing takes place at MR. Well known examples of AR are the Smartphone game “Pokémon go”. Selected the AR mode, an emerging Pokémon in the normal camera image appears, the animal is so there, where you set up your camera. It remains static: you respond to, the distance does not change, the Pokémon moves with you. Not so with mixed reality. Here is a virtual object like in real life. In the case of Pokémon go would the Pokémon so grow, if you move to it and smaller if you increase the distance.

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